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  1. G

    Skin for Camaro Iroc-Z 0.5

    Required Mod: Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z 1990 made by Uncle M I made this skin for a Friend who wanted to buy that type of car and do a paintjob like that. I offered to make a Skin for AC for him to see how his Imagined Paintjob would look like. So I just made it. And I thought why not share it...
  2. BennoC

    Skin Pack Uncle M AVRP XY Falcon 0.9

    Was going to wait until I did 10 skins for this one, but COVID closed the bloody NSW Library (great historic racing reference material) so I'm running out of pics to reference the skins against. Some Bathurst & some regular ATCC from the early 70's Probs more to come
  3. BennoC

    Uncle M FX Race Ute Skins 1.2

    Hi guys, A few skins in one pack for Uncle M's "Turbo Grandpa" FX Holden ute. A few based on period Appendix J cars, and a few on modern historic racers. The 50/2106 utes were not really considered for racing, so the skins are based on sedan livery of both FX and FJ heritage that featured...
  4. BennoC

    Brock Goodwood Tribute Skin for Uncle M's FX Race Ute 1.0

    Ute skin in line with how Brock's Goodwoop prepped Holden FX sedan appeared in 2011 when it was sold for $320K Not for the AVRP pack version, but the November 2018 updated version found here http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccrw3hbd0a2nc5k/holden_fx_ute_race_truck_by_Uncle_M.rar/file
  5. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) 1972 ATCC Super Falcon Tribute 0.5

    Tribute skin, as the model would need to be edited to achieve the right look with bonnet, guards, grill and wheels. I've always like the simple livery that Geoghegan ran on his Falc
  6. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) McKay Skin '71 Bathurst 3rd Overall 0.5

    3rd release is the 3rd place car in the 1971 Hardie Ferodo 500 - Finnie Ford GTHO driven by David McKay For the AVRP mod from Uncle M
  7. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) Moffat Skin '71 Bathurst Winner 0.5

    Another skin for Uncle M's AVRP race pack XY Falcon Please note the skin won't work on the Street or S1 versions Cheers
  8. Enmore Racing

    Skins Collection: AVRP Torana 1979 Pack 2.0

    This is my entire collection of AVRP Torana '79 skins. Harvey-Harrop #26 Cullen-Walker #23 Rutherford-Guthrie #17 Moss-Brabham (1978) #17 Seton-Smith #8 Rogers-Stevens #34 Leed Lemonade (Fictional car, partner of Tab Cola) Tyrrell Torana (Fictional car, inspired by Escort version) Most of the...
  9. Enmore Racing

    AVRP - Rutherford-Guthrie Torana 1977 Bathurst 2019-10-13

    Another edit of an Uncle M PNG file. Bob Morris team partner at Ron Hodgson Motors Racing. This car lasted 13 laps before retiring at Bathurst 1977. It was driven by Indy legend Johnny Rutherford.
  10. Enmore Racing

    AVRP - Settlement Road Wreckers 78 2019-10-10

    I take very little credit for this as Uncle M left a PNG file in a skin pack, all I did was edit it. This car finished 7th at Bathurst 1978 driven by Warren Cullen and formula 2 driver, Johnnie Walker.