tyre app

  1. G4ndY

    SimHub overlay Bonanza! 1

    Fully modular overlays, everything can be moved and resized/placed where you like it. Import the .simhubdash files with SimHub and extract the imageLibrary folder into your SimHub install folder. If you want to tweak the redlinerpm lights open simhub and go to Car settings and change the...
  2. G4ndY

    Essentials Advanced 1.1

    The "Classic" Essentials from AC with added options. 3xDash huds with 1 being tyre/brake info, 2 being timings including sector times and "Pole Lap", 3 is Standard with gap in front and behind. Unzip the folder on your desktop, double click the.Simhubdash file and this should import it into...
  3. M

    Programm too see AIs Tyre Degradation, using of ERS, using of Fuel etc.

    Hello guys, I have a queastion. I saw a Programm at some guys who are playing F1 where they can see, how much % the tyres have and so on. Online and Offline. Does somebody knows the name of the programm or just can help me? Would be great. Thank you
  4. PuRe_AdDicT

    PuRe IMO Tyres & Utilities 1.3

    PuRe IMO Tyres & Utilities (Powered by SimHub) Please Rate & Donate if you like it here Powered by the best Sim Racing Support Software on the planet, SimHub!!! http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simhub-diy-sim-racing-dash.10252/ PuRe IMO Tyres - A camber and PSI suggest app that...