turner motorsports

  1. Reamz_42

    BMW M2 CS - Turner Motorsports Liqui Moly v1

    BMW M2 CS Liqui Moly livery
  2. AlexBfromG

    BMW M6 GT3 Skinpack with 10 Skins 1.01

    Please like, rate and donate for more stuff. Includes Walkenhorst, Rowe Racing, 3Y Technology, Boutsen Ginion Racing, Turner Motorsport and Schnitzer BMW.
  3. Dennis20191

    Turner Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 2.0

    I hope you like it :)
  4. AbeWoz

    Turner Motorsports LiquiMoly BMW M6 GT3 v1.0

    Turner Motorsports LiquiMoly BMW M6 GT3 Daytona 24 For the BMW M6 GT3 by AGU Modding. 2 versions available. One with white hood and one with the spare yellow hood that was installed by the team after their incident during the race. Original for pCARS2, skin converted to AC. pCARS2 version...
  5. AbeWoz

    Turner Motorsports LiquiMoly BMW M6 GT3 v1.6

    Based on the press release from Turner Motorsports. Livery designed by Andy Blackmore of SpotterGuides fame. http://www.spotterguides.com Will update once actual livery + photos are released.