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ts-pc racer

  1. M

    Do Silent Wheels exist? Loud Fan noise / T300RS, TS-PC, Fanatec...

    Hi, for the last many years i have been using Thrustmaster T300RS wheel and i was mostly satisfied with it but one of the problems i have with it is that it can be annoyingly loud when the fans kick in when the wheel thinks its getting hotter. I can even hear it when wearing headset. And because...
  2. M

    New steering wheel for my setup

    Hi guys, I want to change my t500rs with a brand new steering wheel but I’m a little bit doubtful. I firstly looked for a ts-pc racer because I also have t3pa pro pedals, but today I’ve seen the fanatec csl elite f1 and it looks a little better than the trustmaster. Am I right? Are the pedals...
  3. S

    Binding keys for ACC

    All, I was one of the many that bought the Early Beta release. I always had issues with binding keys with the programme, most times I would start up the game and many of the keys I had linked the the keys on my Thrustmaster TS-PC racer wheel would need to be need to be done again. I hoped this...
  4. J

    WTB: TS-PC Formula Rim.

    Just like the title says, looking to buy just the rim that comes with the TS-PC racer. Can't justify buying the whole thing while my T300 still works. If you have one and would like to sell let me know.