ts pc racer

  1. Heat338

    Software Advice for measurement of FFB consistency (Thrustmaster)

    Hi fellas, I have Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari edition, as most of you can know, the base does not have any power shutdown button so I am plugging off the power cable after playing session ends for long term durability( of course after the auto cooling fan stops) Lately, something becomes...
  2. N

    TS PC RACER input not recognized

  3. B

    Wich wheel and pedals for 600€ ?

    Hello, I’m currently using a g27 and I m racing a lot on ACC. I have a single screen with 28 degrees of fov in game, but I think I better change my wheel and my pedals to get faster, instead of changing my screen. So I don t know what to choose between a t300rs with t3pa pro, or a t500rs (wich...
  4. S

    Wanted TS PC Racer

    Since I live in Macedonia, it's preferable if the seller is from Europe. Any offer is greatly appreciated.