1. jumpiko

    Zip Ties N' Bias Plies Tangerine FZ-120 Skin 1

    This is a skin based off of the Zip Ties N' Bias Plies YouTube channel, and with permission from the man himself, I was allowed to make this beast of a skin for the FZ-120. Make sure to check out Zip Ties N' Bias Plies at these various links if you want to know what their up to, or if you'd...
  2. jumpiko

    Tangerine FZ-120 Finnish Military Skin 1

    Finnish military insignia on a military green paint job, very simple, but I like the way it looks. Just drop the image into this folder: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\ Make sure the name is Tangerine and that the file format is .png Please feel free to recommend me any skins that...
  3. FRC.Poollugar

    FRCWhango 1.3

    FRCWhango ,FRCZralinerwo 2 tracks to race like nfs 3 the canyon track wipeout with formel 1 mod for GTR2 or again for Truck Racing
  4. FRC.Poollugar

    thon 1.3

    here are the thon shankloors thon is a drift track for the gtr2 truck mod basic textures to use truck drifting take from my leakyah setup for nascar drifting
  5. FRC.Poollugar

    Wilenaer 1.3

    A nascar track 20 km long a round a hill. with 3 setups for the nascar mod golonmar:formel;leakyah:drift;Wilenaer:Lowrider lowrider wilenear video:
  6. FRC.Poollugar

    golnmar 1.3

    A source from a track they i have build in Grand Turismo 6 before 3 years. very fast a little bit mario kart and long curves. golonmar formel video: leakyah drift video...
  7. Linngor

    Formula Truck 2.0

    Hola a todos. Les vengo a traer un campeonato de Formula truck. Visitaremos Argentina, Brasil, Estados Unidos, Italia, Inglaterra, España, Alemania, Monaco, Austria, Bélgica, Japón, Australia, Malasia, Bahrein y Hungría para hacer podio en cada uno de sus circuitos. En el zip hay un leeme con...
  8. romainrob

    Bobble Head Dog - “G-Meter” - SimHub Overlay 2019-04-04

    Both tasteful and useful, this is the original analog G-Meter. FEATURES The head moves up, the head moves down, the head moves to the sides and it makes you smile. COMPATIBILITY This SimHub Overlay is compatible with the following games: American Truck Simulator Assetto Corsa Assetto...
  9. RedJohn260

    Gifu Addon 1.1

    I am leaving racedepartment and not gonna further upload, update or support my mods on this site. All of the future updates and dvelopment of my mods, will be continued on Nexus. To check out the new updates go on this link: https://www.*********.com/users/20339129?tab=user+files Did you ever...
  10. TheBobbyTee

    Toyota Trophy Truck Skin - Toyota Corolla 2017-12-06

    Thought I would try skinning the Marcas de Petrobras Toyota Corolla with a throwback to the Toyota Trophy Truck driven by Ivan Stewart in the 1997 Baja 500. Pretty pleased with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy using. Text file included in .rar with installation instructions.
  11. EnonE

    Caterpillar tractor / Black Trailer / Redbull Truck 17.04.2017

    Hi ! To say Thanks to all thoses members who share their mods, i have decided to upload some of mine, house/shop pack and Satsuna full retexture will come soon. Textures comes from me or Google, nothing come from another texture pack/authors. Screenshots : Manual...
  12. Stereo

    Ford F350 Stair Truck 1.3

    1977 Ford F350 - Installing The mod consists of four versions, the base stage, stairs stage, stock bed stage, and flatbed stage. Inside the download file will be a /ford_f350/, /ford_f350_flatbed/, /ford_f350_stairs/, and /ford_f350_stockbed/ folder representing the stage versions included...