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  1. meltonpot

    Ayorka Gifu 405

    this is the ayorka gifu the most powerful truck you can own in the 1990's it has a Allison janney transmission 12 speed with a high and low gear it has the power to embarrass you because it sucks poo out of a tank and will make you 1200$ so you will be the richest lonely person if you own this...
  2. Den_88

    Cars Black exhaust flame

    Hello everyone. When using the VOLVO FH FORMULA TRUCK and MERCEDES-BENZ L-SERIES FORMULA TRUCK mod, I saw that the exhaust flame is black. I consider this incorrect:O_o:, tell me how to make it the right color? Thanks. UPD. I know that a diesel engine does not have such an exhaust as a gasoline...