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triple screen

  1. Jasper17

    FPS or Triple screen?

    Hi I have a question about FPS Currently I’m only using my main 144hz monitor for Assetto Corsa. I play on high / max setting and get about 115FPS average and 105FPS minimum on the content manager quick benchmark test. I also have 2 75hz monitors so I thought let’s use triple screen. But with...
  2. Emery

    nVidia surround resolutions are missing

    Not sure what broke it, but my triple screen resolution(s) are missing in ACC. Using nVidia Surround. Maximum resolution available is single screen. If I choose triple screen, ACC just splits a single screen and doesn't map it across all the monitors. All other sims still see the Surround...
  3. Kulyamax

    triple screen

    hello to everyone who has assembled a three-monitor system? I want to connect two monitors with 1920-1080 resolution and one monitor in the center with 2560-1080 resolution. The question is, will my picture be the same on all monitors?
  4. N

    AMD Adrenaline 2020

    Hey, i just updated my AMD Driver and i got a Problem with my triple screen setup. I just used the quick setup as always for my triple screen setup. But now i can't use the bezle correction anymore, there is no option in the newst driver from amd... does anyone got a solution? or an other...
  5. pfrugoni

    Sell (US) Fanatec/Obutto triple screen sim racing cockpit with Fanatec CSR Elite wheel, Fanatec club sport pedals, Obutto nascar sit, 3 27'' Asus monitors.

    (US) Fanatec/Obutto triple screen sim racing cockpit with Fanatec CSR Elite wheel, Fanatec club sport pedals, Obutto nascar sit. -Obutto nascar sit with full position adjustments. -Triple monitor stand that attaches to main frame. -Three 27'' Asus monitors included. -Pedal base and accessories...
  6. pfrugoni

    Sell Complete triple screen sim racing cockpit with Fanatec Elite SCR wheel, club sport pedals, Obutto nascar sit.

    Full -plug and play- triple screen racing cockpit (As seen in the picture below). -Obutto nascar sit and frames with full position adjustments. -Full frame for three monitors with three 27'' 3D Asus monitors included. -Pedal base and accessories for keyboard holding and shifter installation...
  7. I

    Daisy Chain or not? Triple screen

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for a little advice. I've been scouring the internet and cannot seem to find the info I need in regards to the subject. I'm just about to upgrade my whole racing rig and go with a 1920 x 1080 27inch triple screen set up and I'd like keep the refresh rate above...
  8. M

    Triple 22" Used Monitors for like 100 USD? Should I get it?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a single 27" Monitor that I use for sim racing and I'm currently saving up for either VR or Triple 27" or 32" Monitors for the near future. However, I saw this ad for 3 22" used monitors for 100 USD !!! The price is the reason I'm inclined to go for it, but my only...
  9. Karstenve

    Triple Monitor Setup Options

    Hello everyone! I modified a reasonably cheap pc about a month ago. I normally play iRacing but i want to play rfactor2 to. At the moment my pc doesn't handle this. I now want to upgrade my pc. I really want to run triple monitor on iracing and if possible also on rf2. At the moment I have a...
  10. Cosimo

    F1 2016 Triple screen mode?

    I bought the game yesterday, assuming that triple screen mode worked nicely, with multiview (multiple rendering views for each screen), but I was very disappointed to see that my 5090x1080 screen image seemed to be just the regular 1920x1080 stretched horizontally to cover the three screens...