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  1. Discussion | VR, Triple Monitors or Ultrawides?

    Discussion | VR, Triple Monitors or Ultrawides?

    This week HTC are launching two brand new Vive products, in a market that continues to grow at rapid pace. Has VR taken the lead in the sim racing world, and if not why? I have fond memories of my first virtual reality experience in sim racing. I did a couple of practice laps before jumping...
  2. Jasper17

    FPS or Triple screen?

    Hi I have a question about FPS Currently I’m only using my main 144hz monitor for Assetto Corsa. I play on high / max setting and get about 115FPS average and 105FPS minimum on the content manager quick benchmark test. I also have 2 75hz monitors so I thought let’s use triple screen. But with...
  3. TomSpeed

    Triple monitors: Would 2 x 1680x1050 side screens work ok with a 1920x1080 main?

    Hi all, My main screen is a 27" widescreen with an actual vertical screen height of 13.6", I'm after 2 more monitors with the same screen height, but I can't afford 2 more 27" widescreens just now so I figured 2 (4:3) ratio 22" in screens have the same vertical screen height, according to the...
  4. M

    Triple 22" Used Monitors for like 100 USD? Should I get it?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a single 27" Monitor that I use for sim racing and I'm currently saving up for either VR or Triple 27" or 32" Monitors for the near future. However, I saw this ad for 3 22" used monitors for 100 USD !!! The price is the reason I'm inclined to go for it, but my only...
  5. Yapci

    (How to?) Make a cheap triple screen setup

    hi! Does anyone knows how to make a cheap triple screen setup? Or how much would it cost the cheapest one... I got an LG 27’’ monitor but would love to have more screen even if I got to low graphics at minimal (gtx 660). Maybe (probably) it’s impossible but...maybe not:(:thumbsdown::rolleyes:
  6. Karstenve

    Triple Monitor Setup Options

    Hello everyone! I modified a reasonably cheap pc about a month ago. I normally play iRacing but i want to play rfactor2 to. At the moment my pc doesn't handle this. I now want to upgrade my pc. I really want to run triple monitor on iracing and if possible also on rf2. At the moment I have a...
  7. Hallaghan

    Tips to improve graphics performance

    Hello, The PC I use for my simRig has a GTX780 TI 3GB, 12GB of RAM and an Intel I5 4590 CPU. I'm running the setup on triple monitors (24") with a total resolution of 5760x1080. Most of my settings are on low but despite that, I still get massive FPS dips below 30. Sometimes the game will run...