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  1. Yap018

    Ford Transit Support Van 1.0

    Funselektor's Van livery based on the Martini Ford Rally Team from the year 2000 Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\vans\funselektor's van
  2. Madhat

    Ford Transit Racing Performance Parts V1

    A bit of fun, based on one of my Escort mk1 liveries : ) Please do not modify, post files elsewhere, or post unaccredited pictures of any of my skins without permission. I can add your name and number by request. If you like my skins and want to support my work, please donate using the...
  3. teddyator

    2005 Ford Transit - RAC 1.0

    A Ford Transit Van of the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), my first fully authentic recreation of a real life car. Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  4. shadow118

    Ford Transit Rally Martini 2019-11-13

    Ford Transit Martini Rally livery Based on the Ford Transit WRT. To achieve a more authentic look, along with the white mirrors and headligts, I also added real-fake rims :D It's still just a 135 hp diesel Transit, but now it has the looks to take on Monte Carlo For the 2005 Ford Transit mod by...
  5. Suraniset

    Ford Transit SEDEX 2

    Original car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2005-ford-transit.22336/
  6. iea96

    Ford Transit Turkish Skin Pack (Arçelik, PTT Kargo, Sürat Kargo, Yörsan, Murat Halı Yıkama) 2018-08-04

    Made these skins for fun but then decided to publish them. Some may not make a lot of sense but all of them are filled with quirky details like bonnet masks and mismatched trim pieces we always see on Transits in Turkey. Enjoy! 5 different skins for Ford Transit including: 1) Arçelik/Beko...
  7. misterX-

    Ford Transit - Fujiwara Tofu 1.0

    Fujiwara Tofu delivery van Car skin for Gary's awesome Transit mod ( https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2005-ford-transit.22336/ ) Features: - Panda Trueno paint job - Carbon hood - Black rims - Shop sticker on driver side - License plates (sort of) - Trueno badge :whistling: -...
  8. hal4000

    Ford Transit Road Assistance 2K 4K 2.1

    Here's a livery for the glorious 2005 Ford Transit By Gary Paterson. I will probably make some more but here's the first one. To install unzip and drop the "content" folder in your "Assetto Corsa" main folder. I have included a folder with a 2K resolution DDS and an empty folder to back up...
  9. Viper_Polo

    Ford Transit - UK Skins Collection 1.2

    Four skins for the Ford Transit, I will likely add more to this resource in the near future. New for version 1.2! Install by dragging into your AC folder
  10. garyjpaterson

    2005 Ford Transit 1.0

    Not quite sure I believe it, but apparently this is finally finished. So if commercial vehicles are your thing, this one is for you. Go get it. If not, never mind. More non-van content from me to you soon (none of which would have been possible had I not learned how on this silly van… so...
  11. garyjpaterson

    Ford Transit 2005 - Skin Templates 1.0

    Ford Transit 2005 - Skin Templates, 2D and 3D. Please check out the readme file for some info on what templates and textures are for and how to get the best out of it.
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Released! Assetto Corsa Transit Van Mod!

    Gary Paterson has finally finished his masterpiece - the much awaited Transit Van mod is here for Assetto Corsa! Having been in development for more than a little while - building something of a cult following it has to be said, the much anticipated Ford Transit Van modification for Assetto...
  13. calvintola

    Ford Transit - Hong Kong commercial Vehicles 2018-07-10

    A HongKong ice cream Van, A Post Van, A some-kind-of-money-lending-service Van