1. Highbank

    1968 Trans-Am Series #3 Peter Revson and #4 George Follmer Javelins 2020-08-22

    So we can chuck the 1971 Javelin that was a place filler and now we have a1969 which will much better fill the 1968 Javelin space... This file includes the car and both my #3 Revson and #4 Follmer cars Original car file here: 1969 Javelin My buddy Mickstix made this happen for AC....I'm really...
  2. Highbank

    AC Legends Trans-Am Mod: #4 George Follmer Javelin (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-20

    #4 George Follmer Javelin Follmer started P3, a strong Q performance for himself and Team AMC, unfortunately the #4 Javelin developed engine issues and was out by lap 37..a big ouch for the effort. Forgive the '71 Javelin for this set, it's all I had...sigh
  3. Highbank

    AC Legends Trans-Am Mod: #78 Ronnie Bucknum '65 Mustang (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-19

    #78 Ronnie Bucknum Mustang This car ran several races in the '68 season with a host of drivers at the wheel. Numbered as the #34 Sam Posey helmed it with Milt Minter at the Sebring race to kick off it's Trans-Am season that year. Posey also drove it at War Bonett that year (as the #78). As for...
  4. Highbank

    ACL Trans-Am #16 Sam Posey '68 Camaro (1968 TA @ Bridgehampton) 2019-10-17

    #16 Sam Posey Camaro When Roger Penske added a second car to his 1968 Trans Am effort, Sam Posey got the first shot in the seat. Posey was not pleased with Penske's instructions to play second fiddle to Mark Donohue and after some things occurred that displeased "The Captain", Posey was replaced...
  5. Highbank

    ACL Trans-Am #17 Dick Guldstrand '68 Camaro (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-17

    #17 Dick Guldstrand Camaro Guldstrand qualified P6 for the 2nd to last race of the 1968 Trans-Am Season at Riverside but finished the race early after 45 laps of the scheduled 96. Dick Guldstrand had a tremendous resume highlighted by his runs at Sebring, Daytona and other endurance events, best...
  6. Highbank

    ACL Trans-Am #13 Bob Barker '65 Mustang (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-16

    #13 Bob Barker Mustang from the 1968 Trans-Am Series race at Riverside. Nineteen O2 Class cars made the field for this race, the 12th race on the schedule that year. He started 20th in the field of 32 cars including the U2 Class, he ended up finishing 20th as well. Bob Barker ran just two of...