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track mod

  1. Noctam

    Tracks What breaks the checksum of a track for online compatibility?

    RD has some wonderful updates in the misc section to enhance some "old" tracks but I'm worried to run into checksum error when playing online. I would like to know what are the files that one should not touch to keep the mod online compatible? For example SRS is running some races in Algarve at...
  2. M

    Track mods - Developers sought for project

    Hi I d like to be contacted by developers that want to participate in a paying project to mod some tracks. Happy to discuss fees. Thanks
  3. D

    Assetto Corsa Track mods(Paul Ricard)

    Has anybody started working on an accurate track mod for Paul Ricard? Lowering ambient temperature on the mod available on this website to match the track pace of the new resurfaced tarmac IRL helps, but wasn't the first chicane off of the pit straight of Paul Ricard slightly modified as well?