1. P

    TechItSerious skin for Assetto Corsa 2021-01-13

    IMPORTANT!!! This skin is a skin for the barrett toyota supra! You will find it here: https://mega.nz/file/AR1hQbJb#iueiYrHvhih1jKhlOqInzX-P-bxv7zqbDEjlCgBHo_Q *INSTALL* : Just put the file on the car folder( barrett toyota supra 2jz) in skins file.There just create a new folder with any name...
  2. monkeyfan250

    Kanata GT86 V2 [MFGhost] Toyota GT86 3.0

    here is V2 of the First Mfghost skin the reason i didn't "update" the first one is because it was my first, so i want to keep that skin as a memory from where i began anyways enjoy this 100% redo of that skin EDIT 10/22/2019: the preview should show in game pictures updated