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touring car

  1. M

    BTCC - Nicholas Hamilton 2021 Livery 1.1

    BTCC 2021 Livery - Nicholas Hamilton and Rokit Racing To install, unzip the file into: \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ for more BTCC liveries check out: www.buzzzinghornet.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All credit goes to...
  2. Twister80

    German Tourenwagen-Legends 2021 Windscreen + Numberplate 1.0

    German Tourenwagen-Legends 2021 Windscreen + Numberplate. Have fun It was created using Photoshop and can therefore also be edited You want to support me for even more content. You can do this here: paypal.me/DeniseBrese
  3. Fishy2606

    1997 TWR Volvo S40 Racing BTCC Skins 1.11

    Hello again! Here are the 1997 TWR Volvo S40 British Touring Car Championship skins for #3 Rickard Rydell and #11 Kelvin Burt. For the fantastic PM3DM Volvo S40 BTCC car. Included are cars skins and ac crew boards. Future updates to be Driver and Crew suits and Helmets. Let me know if...
  4. Fishy2606

    1993 & 1994 BMW Motorsport Team Schnitzer BTCC skins 1.0

    Included are the 1993 and 1994 BMW Motorsport Team Schnitzer British Touring Car skins for PM3DM's BMW 320i 1993 - #22 Winkelhock & #6 Soper 1994 - #1 Winkelhock, #2 Soper & #21 Ravaglia Included are car skins, tyre skins and a first run Driver suit. Future updates to include more...
  5. sickopaul

    Primera BTCC - Royal Racing 1.0

    There she is! Can you recognize it? It's Royal Time with the Primera BTCC now! Hope you enjoy while waiting for a Volvo with the Royal Treatment, maybe...
  6. TCR Virtual - Officially Licensed TCR Esports coming to Simracing.GP

    TCR Virtual - Officially Licensed TCR Esports coming to Simracing.GP

    Introducing TCR Virtual. The official TCR Esports competition is coming soon to Simracing.GP in a groundbreaking format aimed at mass participation. WSC group licensed esports competition using TCR cars Revolutionary tournament format open to all drivers Global competition with continental...
  7. jurik1984

    AZLK Moskvich-412 SCC 2.0 1.0.5

    Moskvich 412 was restyling model for M-408 with new 1.5L engine and some new design elements (new front and rear optical). The car was more powerfull and faster than 408 and more safety due its chassis and bumpers modification. It exported for many Europe countries. M-412 was very popular car in...
  8. jurik1984

    Lada 2101 SCC 2.0 1.0.6

    Lada 2101 is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive compact class car, re-engineered version of the Fiat 124. This version is racing car Zhiguli+ racing class with 2.0L engine ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE Click here if you'd like to donate something for our work: 3D modelling |Viper|, Yuriy Zhabin...
  9. kevink63

    AI for TED Batangas Racing Circuit v1.0

    New ai for Teddie's Phillipine track. Bumpy, tight, and challenging to drive. Track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ted-batangas-racing-circuit.36570/ Have fun
  10. Jutschl

    Rennteam Leopold Mitterhuber - Audi R8 LMS GT4 1.1

    Livery based on a classic Austrian touring car champion livery. Installation guide: Un-Zip the package Drag the "Customs"-Folder into your "X:\Users\'Username'\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione"-Folder. Enjoy!
  11. Dieses MOD-PACK hat das BESTE aus den 60's! | Touring Car Legends

    Dieses MOD-PACK hat das BESTE aus den 60's! | Touring Car Legends

    Die besten Racer aus den 60ern? Kostenlos in einem Mod Pack? Kein Problem! Das Touring Car Legends Mod Pack von Tarnhorn Racing bringt den Rennspaß für euch kostenlos in Assetto Corsa. Im heutigen Video testen wird das Ding auf Herz und Nieren!

    Hitotsuyama Racing BMW 320i STW 1.0

    Hitotsuyama Racing BMW 320i STW by Skyline Design (fictional) You will need the following mod for this skin to work, 1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC by PM3DM Install the file into this location: assettocorsa\content\cars\pm3dm_bmw_320i_stw\skins Be sure to check out Skyline Design on Facebook for...
  13. C

    WTCC2 VPR 1.3

    Autos de turismo de una liga que ya no existe, este mod lo tuve siempre guardado y ahora que lo pase para ams me gustaria compartirlo, realmente no se quien es el creador pero es muy bueno, autos de 372hp y 1200kg
  14. enkay74

    BTCC 2019 21 car skin pack 1.0

    This pack contains 21 new skins to try and recreate the 2019 BTCC season. In addition to the 2 Audi's already present in Shaun Clarke's BTCC pack it means a 23 car grid with 2019 liveries is possible. Pack includes driver suit, pit crew and driver helmets for all teams Some of the cars...
  15. C

    BMW 320i > Road Car 1

    Road Car with TOCA Spec, based on my own E36.bmw
  16. C

    BMW 320i Copa de las Naciones > Traverso 1

    Based on Copa de las Naciones car and Traverso´s Top Race racing livery, thanks to Patrick Marek and his crew for sharing this excellent model.
  17. C

    BMW 320i Copa de las Naciones > Harpe 1

    Based on Copa de las Naciones, thanks to Patrick Marek and his crew for sharing this excellent model.
  18. ASSETTO CORSA VR : BMW 320 Touring Car

    ASSETTO CORSA VR : BMW 320 Touring Car

    Jason hits the track in Assetto Corsa to test out the newly released BMW 320i touring car by the modding team PM3DM. As usual he was racing in VR with his Oc...
  19. B

    "Racing Pointless" livery pack for PM3DM BMW 320i STW BTCC 1.1

    Livery pack for PM3DM's new BMW 320i Super Tourer. Download it here at Race Department! Used this template, with much gratitude: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1998-bmw-320i-stw-paint-template.32490/
  20. enkay74

    2018 BTCC Skin Pack V2 2.1

    This pack contains 23 skins from the 2018 BTCC season for 7 car models. I have uploaded a similar pack but there are a number of changes from the previous and it seemed easier to create a new download.. The main differences from the previous skin pack are: Added Audi RS3 skins x2 Added Astra...