touring car

  1. parrilla

    Autodromo San Nicolas faster AI 1.0

    FULL TRACK HERE. Faster AI for the Autodromo San Nicolas by Alejo1633. AI made and tested with touring and sport cars in mind. AI fast line + boundaries + hints file.
  2. The best DTM car in RaceRoom !

    The best DTM car in RaceRoom !

    I jump into RaceRoom for this sim racing video and check out the Mercedes C Klasse 2005 DTM and tell you why I think this is the best sim racing DTM touring ...
  3. What is Your Favourite Touring Car Simulator?

    What is Your Favourite Touring Car Simulator?

    Ever raced touring cars? The close-knit fields around some of the most beautiful venues in the world offer door-rubbing action for everyone. But in our simulated world, who does touring car racing best? Let’s have a look at some of the contenders. RaceRoom Coming from a background of offering...
  4. Racing & Talking about rFactor 2 BTCC content

    Racing & Talking about rFactor 2 BTCC content

    As we all know Studio 397 have announced official BTCC content is coming to rFactor 2 in May as DLC instead of the stand alone BTCC touring car title by its ...
  5. Gran Turismo 7 Update increases rewards

    Gran Turismo 7 Update increases rewards

    The latest Gran Turismo 7 update has landed and this update will hopefully address concerns and criticism that has been received from fans over the last few weeks. Rewards for many racing events have been increased, and there’s a bunch of new race events to take part in. Endurance races have...
  6. Love this new Hyundai Veloster iRacing touring car

    Love this new Hyundai Veloster iRacing touring car

    Hello sim racers and welcome to this new sim racing video featuring the new iRacing Hyundai Veloster TCR car against the AI at brands Hatch !This video highl...
  7. rmi_wood

    Keimola 1.10

    "Keimola was founded in 1965 at Vantaa near Helsinki, Finland. Modern in design, the track measured 3.3 km long with a 1 km main straight, and constant-radius corners with banking. The track was built in quite a short time and was opened in 1966. Keimola hosted several international racing...
  8. jurik1984

    IZH Oda T1600 0.8

    IZH 2126 Orbita (1990-2000) or Oda (2000-2005) second rear wheel drive hatchback car produced by Izhevsky Car Factory (Izhmash). This is racing version by IZH Auto racing team for russian touring championship for 2001 season. ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE Click here if you'd like to donate something...
  9. jurik1984

    Lada 2108 Samara T1600 0.8.8

    Lada 2108 Samara - first Soviet Union's front wheel drive car. Produced from 1984 to 2004 in USSR and Russia and from 2004 to 2014 in Ukraine. This is racing version for russian touring championship Turism-1600 and Superturism where it used from middle 1990's to middle 2000's. It have three...
  10. Kidzu11

    2021 Ugals Touring League Livery Pack 1.0

    New download link:
  11. RaceRoom's best touring car

    RaceRoom's best touring car

    This is the best sim racing touring car in RaceRoom the BMW E90 320 TC and this video will tell you why !I jump back into the RaceRoom sim racing title and g...
  12. brandonhaighy

    BTCC | Motorbase Racing With Wera And Photon Group | 2021 Skin 1.00

    For Tommy78 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR. (yes it's on an alfa, yes, it's not right) Replica of the Motorbase Performance Ford Focus' of both Andy Neate and Sam Osbourne for the 2021 British Touring Car Championship. Unfortunately yes, it's on the Alfa Romeo due to their being no 2021 Focus ST TCR...
  13. C

    Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Gerd Ruch Motorsport DTM 1992 1.1

    Two liveries for the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 by Tommy78. The Mustangs run by Gerd Ruch Motorsport in the 1992 DTM season had not the most exciting liveries but the cars and its drivers were iconic and belonged to the most beloved entries. These American muscle cars were the underdogs battling...
  14. mattrans

    BTCC - Nicholas Hamilton 2021 Livery 1.1

    BTCC 2021 Livery - Nicholas Hamilton and Rokit Racing To install, unzip the file into: \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ for more BTCC liveries check out: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All credit goes to...
  15. Twister80

    German Tourenwagen-Legends 2021 Windscreen + Numberplate 1.0

    German Tourenwagen-Legends 2021 Windscreen + Numberplate. Have fun It was created using Photoshop and can therefore also be edited You want to support me for even more content. You can do this here:
  16. Fishy2606

    1997 TWR Volvo S40 Racing BTCC Skins 1.11

    Hello again! Here are the 1997 TWR Volvo S40 British Touring Car Championship skins for #3 Rickard Rydell and #11 Kelvin Burt. For the fantastic PM3DM Volvo S40 BTCC car. Included are cars skins and ac crew boards. Future updates to be Driver and Crew suits and Helmets. Let me know if...
  17. Fishy2606

    1993 & 1994 BMW Motorsport Team Schnitzer BTCC skins 1.0

    Included are the 1993 and 1994 BMW Motorsport Team Schnitzer British Touring Car skins for PM3DM's BMW 320i 1993 - #22 Winkelhock & #6 Soper 1994 - #1 Winkelhock, #2 Soper & #21 Ravaglia Included are car skins, tyre skins and a first run Driver suit. Future updates to include more...
  18. sickopaul

    Primera BTCC - Royal Racing 1.0

    There she is! Can you recognize it? It's Royal Time with the Primera BTCC now! Hope you enjoy while waiting for a Volvo with the Royal Treatment, maybe...
  19. jurik1984

    AZLK Moskvich-412 SCC 2.0 1.0.5

    Moskvich 412 was restyling model for M-408 with new 1.5L engine and some new design elements (new front and rear optical). The car was more powerfull and faster than 408 and more safety due its chassis and bumpers modification. It exported for many Europe countries. M-412 was very popular car in...
  20. jurik1984

    Lada 2101 SCC 2.0 1.0.6

    Lada 2101 is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive compact class car, re-engineered version of the Fiat 124. This version is racing car Zhiguli+ racing class with 2.0L engine ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE Click here if you'd like to donate something for our work: 3D modelling |Viper|, Yuriy Zhabin...