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time attack

  1. raphoz

    PC3 SimHub Dashboard Local Gaming

    Hi guys, I am looking for a dashboard on SimHub to play with friends at home which would allow the name of each friend to be associated with their lap times. Thank you in advance for your return.
  2. Atrupelador

    Camtool for Shutoko Revival Project 0.9.1 - C1 Outer Time Attack 1.0

    Instructions to use the Camtool How to use this file: If you don't have it, install Camtool app: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-2.15062/ Extract the my rar file here: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Then load the file in the Camtool app:
  3. P

    Carrer Sant Mauricci 1

    Hi, Thank you for looking at my track. This is Carrer Sant Maurrici a hill climb race venue ( I think it was used as a hill climb for cycles). The course is based on an actual road that I have driven up a few times when I was on holiday which was a fun place to drive, so decided to try and...
  4. jakoman3

    JH/Design Reflex V12R 1.1

    Please read this text before proceeding I would like to let you know that i took down my donation site. 21 People supported me which im very thankful for, but i also need to change my strategy because this way i can't sustain this for long. I do not have the means to sell my content for money...
  5. I

    What can I do in this case?

    I just can't play Time Attack events on career mode, and this advice pops up every time I try to start one. I have 1.16.3 version of the game and several mods, including custom shaders patch 0.1.46 in Content Manager. Any ideas to solve that? According to what the pop-up says.
  6. bbeavis

    Mazda MX-5 - Time Attack Turbo 1.01

    Mazda MX-5 Time Attack Turbo by Beavis Motorsport This Asseto Corsa mod was developed based on the lap GPS data from the real world car. Along with over 800kms of in game testing, A/C car data was created in comparison with real world lap GPS data to replicate the performance of the actual car...
  7. Wietie

    Formula Wonk LRS-1 0.9

    Wonkersports is proud to present their very first creation; the Formula Wonk LRS-1! Gentlemen, short view back to the past... In early February the CEO of Wonkersports, Wonker, looked at a Tecpro barrier and thought to himself "Can I put a trained monkey into the seat and make it drive?". Two...
  8. Thescarfhusky

    Dance Rush Stardom Supra 1.0

    Needs the Japan DLC to work! This is also a fan made car. Jello, and welcome to my car skin based off one of Konami's newer rhythm games: Dance Rush Stardom! Monkeyfan250 wanted me to make a skin for the Toyota Supra. So, I did and this is how it came out. (The Japanese text on the side...
  9. RoyalFranzYT

    Subaru Nagayoshi/Rem & Ram - ACMC Subaru Impreza Time Attack 1.0

    You've heard of Celica Hakozaki, get ready for Subaru Impreza Nagayoshi. This pack contains two skins for Mike Rudland's ACMC Subaru Impreza Time Attack, one for Million Live's Subaru Nagayoshi, the other for Re:Zero's Rem and Ram. Link for the car: http://bit.ly/2ZdhZpa
  10. B

    General career (time attack) broken with sol 1.3.1 and CSP >

    Hi, I am new to AC and wanted to update the graphics by using SOL with CSP. I downloaded 1.3.1 here from the forum and added the mod via content manager. Then I changed PostProcessing to __SOL or __SOL_HC. SOL tells me to update CSP to When staying at shipped CSP
  11. tommytengoku

    Tsukurimono Touge 1.0

    Tsukurimono Touge is a fantasy road located in Japan created by me in RTB to learn more about track creation for Assetto Corsa. Primarily this was designed as a drift course but has proven to be very fun for time attack/battles, especially in lower powered cars. Features: - Working AI - Replay...
  12. M

    Time attack issue

    Help! I can't find a solution for the following bug; When i want to start some of the time attack sessions in the career mode, I get an error massage after the game shuts down during the loading screen. The error says: !Game Crashed! "Time attack mode is not supported by selected track." I don't...
  13. Lunatea Dreamer

    AKAGI 27 1.0

    Hi! Me again! Here is my second attempt at skinning in Project CARS 2. Admittedly it is a lot more time consuming compared to AC with Content Manager, however I think this final result turned out okay! Some elements such as the door sticker as well as certain decals may be slightly low in...
  14. wjmoosting

    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII Time Attack 1.0

    The build of this WTAC Pro Class Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII started all the way back on April 1st, 2016, with a development time of over a month. A first AC-ready version was finished in May of 2016. During this time, more improvements to the 3d model and textures where made. Besides that, the...
  15. H

    Verzegnis Sella Chianzutan Hillclimb 0.90

    For those who use the normal game launcher, and not content manager, and can not view the track, proceed like this; Download this little fix from the link below, go to the folder "steam / assetto corsa / content / tracks / verzegnis_sella_chianzutan / ui / " replace the file," ui_track.json...
  16. TheNotoriousDIG

    Death Grips The Money Store Livery 2018-09-27

    I get get get get got got got got. Side vinyl (the unintelligible black metal logo, to be specific) made by /u/HG_Fantomos: https://www.reddit.com/r/deathgrips/comments/2xen4r/i_created_an_unreadable_black_metal_death_grips/ INSTALLATION: 1) Go to your Assetto Corsa folder and go to: content...
  17. AccAkut

    Cars KRB Tiga Lotus Esprit Silhouette

    I think it is better to start a standalone thread on this one now instead of getting lost in the What are working on thread :) (height compared to KRB Audi) (old bake with wrong UV map on floor obv) Like with the Audi this car again is not exactly what it appears like from the outside...
  18. A3DR

    Toyota Sera GT (Widebody version) Templates PSD 2D + 3D 2017-09-04

    Includes Sera_3D.psd with the 3D layer for the paintable areas, and SkinGT.psd with AO + wireframe and a mask for the widebody kit.
  19. A3DR

    Toyota Sera - Stock, TRD & GT 1.0

    3D models created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR) Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod) Special thanks to Joseph, who shared pics of his real car as well as doing a lot of research on technical data and measurements Sound samples from official Kunos cars Click here if you'd like to donate...
  20. Joseph GodwinKE

    Godwin Corsa Theme for v0.1 2017-07-27

    Version 0.1: -New Icons for Menu and In-game Menu -Modified UI for Time Attack and Drift Sessions -GBrowser module for Mod Downloads (redirects to default browser though) -Real Driver names for A.I (BlancPain GT Series entry drivers for 2017) -Compatible with RSR Live Timing app Video...