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the rotary 3

  1. hoover2701

    THE ROTARY 3 (Group 3) B&B Hotels Racing Team 1.0

    Here comes a livery for another classic Japanese car: 'the rotary 3' or the Mazda RX-3. This time I went with a simple colour-scheme and added sponsors quite randomly. I like the B&B Hotels Logo so that became the prominent theme. Alright, now take this classic for a ride, will you? Have fun...
  2. Decinoge

    the rotary 3 F5000 EG-X 1.0

    the rotary 3 Wipeout Pulse EG-X inspired livery. Wipeout Pulse's league is actually FX400, but F5000 league's Wipeout 2097 doesn't have enough teams to cover art of rally's group 3 cars, so I had to get liveries on other Wipeout titles. The archive contains 3 file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096...
  3. niteshifts

    Advan - Rotary 3 v1

    ////////// All liveries uploaded by me have been made by me. Feel free to make any modifications to the liveries for your own personal use. Please do not modify and upload these to another source. Any concerns? Feel free to DM me here or on my Discord at NITE#9487.
  4. V

    The Rotary 3 Righto Racing Team v1

    Introducing fictional Righto "lights". I created a new logo for the team using similiar font as in the sponsor. I will propably change it if I get better ideas.
  5. Marcness1313

    The Rotary 3 (Group 3) - Team Stopp #75 1.0

    The livery features an original "Rotary 3" logo design based on the Mazda logo from the 60's and 70's. The paint job was inspired by a Swedish-flag-themed livery I saw on a 1970 Volvo 144, so I figured to put a bit of a Japan-flag-themed livery on a Japanese car. Enjoy!