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  1. The RaceDepartment Podcast: A special with Fat-Alfie! (S03, E11)

    The RaceDepartment Podcast: A special with Fat-Alfie! (S03, E11)

    Once again the infamous trio, Paul Glover, Daniel Monteiro and Davide Nativo sat down together in the virtual studio to record a new episode of the RaceDepartment Podcast. Not just any episode, mind you, but another in the Specials series, this time interviewing the one and only Fat-Alfie (David...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    The RaceDepartment Podcast | Season 2, Episode 11 Out Now

    The RaceDepartment Podcast returns for another outing - check out who said what, when, where and why below! Once again featuring the regular team of @Paul Glover, @Davide Nativo and @Daniel Monteiro. In this episode plenty of topics are covered by the team, from the latest new content releases...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Community Question Podcast | Your Sim Racing Esport Opinions

    The latest episode of the RaceDepartment Podcast is now live, and we want to ask you, the community, about your thoughts on the current state of esport sim racing. Yup, it's podcast release day, and after a short hiatus we are back with our fifth episode of the new season. In this edition...