1. A

    F1 2020 TyreTempMod - Realistic temperature, grip, wear, strategy v1.7

    Hi all I wasn't happy with how stable they are and always thought the track should have more effect on which is the best tyre. So this mod now means you need to find the right tyre for the track depending on the track type. I would recommend using practice sessions to see how tyre wear is...
  2. Z

    TrackConditions 1.2

    Track Conditions This app provides a live wind indicator, as well as information on the wind speed, ambient temperature, track temperature and track grip state. Installation guide Install the app by pasting the contents of the .zip file in the main root folder of the Assetto Corsa...
  3. XuCrUtZ

    Live Telemetry 1.6.0

    App The app show on screen real time telemetry of engine, each tire and suspension individually. The goal with this app is not to replace the Assetto Corsa built-in apps with these information, but to help developing better setups more efficiently. The app uses the mod file directly or the...
  4. I

    F1 2019 Temperature color for tyres

    Hi, To no success I’ve been trying to search the files for the accurate intervals on the temperature colors across compounds, sadly I haven’t been able to find this in the files or on any forum. Haas anyone been able to locate this? I could probably try and screen record a session where I try...
  5. BeefyPeeg

    Dashmeterpro--temps not reading

    Despite all that I have read saying oil and water temperatures can be monitored with Dashmeterpro in rF2, I cannot seem to get it to read any temps. Is there an option or something I need to enable or install to allow this feature? Everything else within the app functions perfectly; only the...
  6. C

    Camber + Tire Temperatures + Motec? Whats going on?

    Recently I've installed Motec to help me reduce the time I was spending bulding my setups... so I decided to start one from scratch so I could learn how to use the tool and interpret the data. I've choose the Z4 and Monza to make the test. So I started tuning the tire pressures... then aero...