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  1. Cobbra

    Apex Nürburg rental and taxi BMW M4 1.0

    Theese skins try to replicate the apex's m3 and m4 but mind you they are not 100% accurate as I wasn't able to find the exact wheels those cars run and other small details as well. CSP is required for the skins to work properly, the car mod can be found on tohge workshop's discord...
  2. ron123110

    Taxi Sign 1.0

    The mod is suitable for lovers of atmospheric driving and people who like to bring a drunk Jouko to your home! -The plugin adds a LED taxi sign for Satsuma Roof. -Custom yandex.taxi skin for Satsuma. Taxi sign lies on a table in the house near the TV. The backlight turns on when the ignition...
  3. hako226

    'Singapore' Skinpack for Kunos Cars 0.9

    4 skins for Kunos cars, Singapore-style Thought I'd just release this for everyone lol Just drop cars folder into content folder in main AC folder Alfa Romeo Giulia QV - Traffic Police Car - Comfort Blue Taxi Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV - Driving Centre Learner Car Toyota Gt86 - LTA Staff Car...
  4. Kazuma_8

    BMW M4 - Apex Taxi (Nürburgring) 1.0

    Here is a skin of the Apex taxi, BMW M3 F80 IRL, made here on the M4. I also put the template if you want to modify.
  5. OzBoz

    BMW M235i or M240i Cup - One time taxi ride by SecondSkins.nl 1.0

    For the troubled people who have to scare people to compensate lack of speed. The skin is 4k and comes with fitting gloves, helmet and suit (Halloween proof). If you enjoy this skin please like https://www.facebook.com/secondskins.nl/ and stay informed. If you like to donate...
  6. scarface757

    TAXSUMA 2017-10-29

    SK simple painting for the satsuma

    Fake Taxi Honda Civic Type-R 2017-10-11

    Installation: Project CARS 2 installation folder - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Copy Paste and Overwrite the file called "honda_civic_typer_livery".
  8. SGAN

    Taiwan Taxi Skin For Toyota Corolla/Altis SP3 1.0 By.SGAN Studios

    Assetto Corsa Toyota Corolla Altis SP3 (http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/toyota-corolla-altis-sp3.13639/) Taiwan Taxi skin By.SGAN Studios