1. Keselowski2

    [REQUEST] Talent files for MotoGP riders

    Hi, first I know rFactor isn't a bike game, but I downloaded the MotoGP 2013 mod by Nico (that has only the Repsol-Honda bikes from Marquez and Pedrosa), so I want all the riders in case the author continue the project and add the remaining bikes PS: I want the 2019 stats. PS 2: If anyone want...
  2. HK2014

    AI Behavior

    Hello, I'm playing F1 RSS mod and made Talent files for every drivers but there's something weird : I Wanted to make the drivers performance as realistic as possible so for example, Manor drivers (Ocon & Wehrlein) should be at the back, the strange fact is that Ocon is ALWAYS in the top5...