talent files

  1. M

    rFactor 1 RCD talent files

    Hello there I'd like to ask if someone knows if talent files have no effect nomore because of the upgrade to 1255 version. And if so, which version does support them? Thx
  2. Keselowski2

    [REQUEST] Talent files for MotoGP riders

    Hi, first I know rFactor isn't a bike game, but I downloaded the MotoGP 2013 mod by Nico (that has only the Repsol-Honda bikes from Marquez and Pedrosa), so I want all the riders in case the author continue the project and add the remaining bikes PS: I want the 2019 stats. PS 2: If anyone want...
  3. F

    AMS Random Talent File Generator 1.0

    Small utility build with an Excel template to generate talent files with random parameters. The ranges of the parameters are established based on those used by Reiza in their series. However feel free to change the ranges according to your convenience Installation You only need Microsoft office...
  4. jutsch

    Automobilista - Talent Files not working

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to this game and have already downloaded some mods I'd like to play, one of them is the F1 2018 mod. So right now all AI lap within a second and the grid is completely random, Hartley in the Torro Rosso is first, while Vettel is last for example. I would like to...
  5. sajdiboy

    Automobilista Realistic Drivers Talent

    Hi everyone, So yesterday i did a couple of races in automobilista with the F1 2017 mod and noticed that the time difference between drivers is completely unrealistic. For example, Palmer is first and Hamilton last, and basically the field is mixed up. Also during a 35 lap race in Canada the...
  6. DeuxAlpha

    AMS Talent File Editor 1.1.2

    This Editor is based on the original, older Talent File Editor that was used back in the day during the golden age of RFactor1, which can be found here. However, even though it does what it does well, I was looking for something a little more advanced, and after some time, I decided to create...