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t3pa pro

  1. B

    Wich wheel and pedals for 600€ ?

    Hello, I’m currently using a g27 and I m racing a lot on ACC. I have a single screen with 28 degrees of fov in game, but I think I better change my wheel and my pedals to get faster, instead of changing my screen. So I don t know what to choose between a t300rs with t3pa pro, or a t500rs (wich...
  2. Harry Stanley

    Sell Racing Sim Bundle

    Bundle contains: GT Omega Racing Pro Sim/Cockpit (red & black) £340 new - £280 open to offers Thrustmaster T300RS (PS3, PS4 &PC) wheel includes original T3PA pedals costs £345 new - £150 open to offers Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals costs £140 new - £80 Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter...