1. Jake Grafton

    Jeep Cherokee XJ 0.9.3

    Two versions of the second-generation Jeep Cherokee (XJ) from 1984 (2.5L) and 1987 (4.0L). Please let me know of any problems, or requests.
  2. abrimaal

    Porsche Cayenne for Race 07 202008

    Model created by someone else (unknown) for ShiftStreet, RFactor. Converted to Race 07 and textured by Karsay. The engine and physics are fictional (from other cars, mixed). With this physics the car is fully drivable. The original physics does not work here. The original .hdc and other files...
  3. johnbmarine

    Huy Fong Foods Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2019-02-06

    Greetings, RaceDepartment mates! This is a new skin I've uploaded to RaceDepartment. Here is my latest upload: You know, a cayenne is a quite spicy pepper. If you REALLY want spicy, try THIS one! This Porsche Cayenne Turbo S features the likes of Huy Fong Foods- a famous maker of...