1. Palerider23

    My save game with a cool Satsuma paintjob, Suski, and rally stuff. 1.26

    My savegame!
  2. gwapoko

    My Summer Car [Ending] 2020

    Hey guys this save is for you to experience the ending with SUSKI Built a mostly working Satsuma Own, or have enough money to buy, two full Beer cases Be able to keep up with Jani while racing him around the highway Satsuma can drive at the highway speed limit for a fair period of time without...
  3. Element SS

    Suski Phone Call Bug??

    Alright, So i dated with Suski but the problem is after the date ended i was'nt able to answer her phone call. Now she does'nt call me. Is there a solution guys ?
  4. M

    my summer car savegame with infinite money EXPERIMENTAL ONLY 1.3

    i have managed to turn off fatigue and thirst somehow. in the game you have infinite money. i use logitech g29 and 6-speed shifter. -datsun has been tuned. -truck and van keys have been earned. -infinite money. -no thirst. -no fatigue. -car ready to go with suski (aka) girlfriend. -cherry bomb...