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super gp

  1. 1234G

    Motorsport nations skins for Super GP 2.0

    Hi all! Here is my first skinpack, now it is for the Super GP car. I worked with them a lot, and I think the result is very good. I created for all skins custom gloves and helmets. It was really fun :). Later I want to create crew's helmets and suits too, but I haven't enough time for it. The...
  2. Rongo594

    Tyre compounds FX v1.1

    This mod provides a visual change between different compounds using the tire-FX, so SHADERS PATCH is required. Must be activated as a mod. Supported cars: Kunos: - Ferrari F138 - Ferrari LaFerrari - Ferrari SF15-T - Ferrari SF70H - Lotus Exos 125 s1 - Pagani Huayra BC - Porsche 918 spyder VRC...
  3. Willem Kranendonk

    General Super GP - Physics modder needed!

    Hey all! My name is Delta and I along with a few others are making a Single Seater mod for our league OWC. We're looking for a physics modder to help us finish our mod and be apart of our project! We're looking for someone who can (from scratch) help us make the physics and correctly implement...