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  1. N

    Clasificación de Liga en vivo 1.0

    Esta es una clasificación teórica de una liga con las puntuaciones que fija el reglamento de F1. Hecho con Simhub, (simhubdash.com) y requiriendo el plugin de Gary Swallow...
  2. Esotic

    Streaming? Sweet!! 2021.01.29

    This .Zip contains the four primary apps that I created (or modded) and use when I'm streaming Assetto Corsa online races (especially for leagues). An example race demonstrating these apps in use: These apps were previously available individually...
  3. Esotic

    Stream Control AutoIT Script V1.1

    This script is meant to be used with AutoIT: https://www.autoitscript.com/site/ I use SciTE when editing AU3 files: https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit-script-editor/downloads/ This script needs to be compiled before it can be used, but that is fairly easy to do. It's purpose is to...
  4. Dennis Karlsson

    dkSteeringWheel 0.5

    dkSteeringWheel This is my take on the "Steering Input Display" app. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. This is a modification of these apps... Original: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/steering-input-display.11713/ Version I started from...
  5. Dennis Karlsson

    dkLaptime 0.8

    dkLaptime This app displays the current laptime and last laptime. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. Text turns red on invalid lap. Extract the file contents to the root folder of Assetto Corsa. Change font if you want. The font needs to be saved in the...
  6. Dennis Karlsson

    dkPedals 1.2

    dkPedals This app displays the pedals, handbrake, boost and FFB as vertical bars. It can also show steering input as a horizontal bar. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. or if you just want to see the pedal inputs yourself. Size and spacing is configurable. Each...
  7. BP

    Attending race events live - Yay or Nay?

    The recent talks about a possible Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix (or would it be 'Eastern USA Grand Prix' if they kept COTA on the roster?) got me thinking about the possibility of attending the race if it comes to fruition, since it's in close proximity to where I live. I'm from an area of the...