stream deck

  1. Allyngr

    Sell Elgato Stream Deck XL

    With original packaging and cable. Has been drilled to fit onto some simlab profile, but the item works perfectly. £150
  2. F

    High Contrast Stream Deck Icons 1.0

    I've created an extensive Icon pack for the Elgato Stream Deck. My main goal was to make the buttons easy to spot. In order to do this i've created 94 buttons in 7 different colors that are easy to read and because of the colors easy to spot. By using colors you can group the icons in logical...
  3. Chimaera

    Stream Deck plugin for Simhub

    I know @Wotever wrote an amazing replacement for the Elgato Stream Deck software to turn it into a proper button box, but if you want to use your Stream Deck for multiple purposes I've made a plugin that will allow you to trigger any Simhub event using the SD with stock software. Just install...
  4. sts.sam.sts

    ButtonDeck for Stream Deck 2019-Final

    *UPDATE* Profile from StreamDeck added Hello folks !!! I have a Stream Deck in hands and... what a surprise ! A brand new icons for Sim-Racers like we are, made with passion on Photoshop. It fit perfectly for Assetto Corsa (and Competizione) but you can use this package for all of your games...