1. B

    liftback Celica ST185 Marlboro Shell TRD 1.0

    Some cool ST185 Celica that I based off some TRD designs. Sponsors include Martini, Marlboro, OZ, Shell, and a few others. It also has my name on it but if you want to mark it off feel free. HMU if you have a request.
  2. Ricardo Rizzo

    Homage to Toyota Celica 1600 GT TA22 1973 1.0

    This is a homage to the Toyota Celica 1600 GT TA22 RAC 1973, wich was driven by Andersson Ove / Phillips Geraint, at the Daily Mirror RAC Rally 1973. They finished 12th, i decided to make this skin, since i didn´t find other skins for the ST185 model, also, the Toyota Celica is celebrating it´s...
  3. A

    Physics reworked for Toyota Celica ST185 JDM AB

    Source for the mod: description in YouTube Only the first link in there matters. If you like the car`s visuals - author has more for you in his channel. A modern classic - the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185. This is the JDM car with the maximum power and all the options from the factory. Even at...