1. 00Hunter00

    Formula RSS4 Spitfire Livery Pack 4k 1.0

    Spitfire livery pack for Formula RSS4. Car available from racesimstudio.com Inspiration taken from one of the most beautiful and deadly fighting machines to ever grace the sky, the Spitfire Mk IX. First seeing active service in 1942 the years have been hard on the old girl and as such I...
  2. 00Hunter00

    Tatuus FA01 Spitfire Livery V1.0 2019-02-14

    Inspired by the camouflage schemes of the Spitfire Mk.IX, complete with fantasy 7.7mm Browning machine guns embedded in the fuselage along with two top mounted 20mm Hispano mkII cannons the mighty Tatuus now makes short work of pesky back markers who dont respect blue flags. Note also the...
  3. xopotl

    Lotus 25 Camo skin 1.2

    I've made skins before, but this is the first one I'm uploading. It's a "just for fun" skin for the Lotus 25 in a camouflaged warplane-like livery. Wooden dashboard and steering wheel, custom engine covers and custom helmet skin. There's a dirty version of the skin included, just rename...