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Do you ever race in VR?

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    Votes: 421 35.3%
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  1. Daniel Jimenez

    Ford Spec Racer for Assetto Corsa 2.0

    The Ford Spec Racer comes to Assetto Corsa, a classic school and casual racing car that brings unforgettable races every time. Mostly known in iRacing, this guy is a MUST if you love online racing, or just having fun racing against others. Keep in mind this one is based mainly on GEN2...
  2. Daniel Jimenez

    Cars WIP - Spec racer ford from scratch

    Hi, working on my second public mod, this time is the SCCA Spec racer ford... still in a very early state, so stay tuned for news :D
  3. HK2014

    Crash after one session

    Hello, i have recently purchased the game from steam and i have one issue : At first everything is fine but when i have finished a session, like a race, time trial or whatever, my game will always crash if start a race again or change series. i am running the game on Windows 10, as...
  4. ReZ

    RIDE 2 RIDE 2

    Hello i will try to explain my method of importing tracks from other milestone games here. So far i managed to put tracks from VR46, MXGP2 and SLRE into Ride2 and now i wanna try to guide you through this process a good as possible. First you need the tools ...