1. nerdthewise

    Sell Ascher Racing B16M-SC w/ Sparco 330mm + Turn Limited Edition Front Plate - US Shipping

    Parting with some kit I am not currently using as much as I would like to. This is the current generation Ascher Racing wireless button plate (medium size) and will come with original sticker pack, the attached Sparco 330mm wheel, limited edition Turn Racing front plate, and Simucube QR...
  2. JereAnnala

    SPARCO -Seat & harness 2020-12-06

    I made texture to racing seats and harness, This time it was Sparco. 2 Years ago i made MOMO-seat and harness, and people have been asking for Sparcos :) ( MOMO: ) Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press...
  3. D

    Sell Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals

    Hi. Downgraded to Sprints so i would like to recover some money 930 not negotiable. Shipping not included Included baseplate,angled brackets and a set of softer rubbers.
  4. T

    Sell *CLEARANCE* Heusinkveld Pedals, Shifter, Handbrake, Sparco Gloves + Freebies Update: All sold

    Hi, new user here but an avid simracer. Unfortunately had to relocate right after I put my rig together. Most of the parts have been sold to a good friend of mine. (Sim-Lab GT1, Fanatec wheels and base, PC and monitor). Everything is in excellent condition, as I did not have much time to use...
  5. Z

    Sell Ascher Racing C20M/ 280mm Sparco Wheel

    *********SOLD*********** I'm having a clear out of unused equipment. So here we have my 280mm Sparco Black suede steering wheel with Ascher Racing C20M Button Box. Price is £300.00 plus shipping and paypal fee (if used). Any questions PM me please. Thanks for looking...... Based In the UK
  6. M

    Sell Thrustmaster TG-t

    Thrustmaster TG-t for sale, with Thrustmaster Sparco wheel. I would like to keep the original rim for another base. T3PA pedals with adjustable damper kit, as seen in the pictures. Price: 450 EUR
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Podium Series Challenge: Sunday 29th September (LIVE STREAM)

    As part of the season ending SRO E-Sport GT Series celebrations, on Sunday 29th September tune into the special Fanatec Podium Series Challenge live stream at 13:00 CEST. With the very first season of the SRO E-Sport GT Series set to conclude as our grand finalists duel it out at Barcelona for...
  8. M

    Sell High End Simulator for Sale inc... Leo Bodnar, Heusinkveld, Sim Labs and more

    Hello. To much regret I hereby declare to you all that my sim racing passion is coming to an end. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: So i have...
  9. GTR233


    Available soon in next GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch and HQ MODS COLLECTION v9.6
  10. Jonathan Holmes

    Sell Selling *BRAND NEW* Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Pedals / Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Rim

    Hi all, I am selling the below two items, both of which are BRAND NEW and have never been used. The reason for this is because I won both of them in a tournament, but I already own them so I have no need for two! For now (this may change in the near future): *UK ONLY DELIVERY* Currently...
  11. H

    Sell Selling everything

    Hi guys, It seems ironic that my first post on here is selling all my gear, but unfortunately I don't have much choice. Sim racing has been a real passion of mine for the last couple of years, but hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds later, a change in financial circumstances means it all...
  12. Ricky78

    Thrustmaster TSSH SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER & HANDBRAKE Sparco Mod officially announced

    Rennes, January 26, 2018 — After more than two years of questions from the community via social media, Thrustmaster® is proud to finally be able to make the announcement that people have been waiting for: all the thrills of drifting and rally racing are now right at your fingertips, with the TSS...
  13. Isaac Chavira

    [SELECTION] You, the community pick my first wheel!

    So, I want to let all of you pick my first wheel for Assetto Corsa and Race Room. I will keep this poll open for 20 days. You can select two choices for primary and secondary. Also some constructive advice would be highly appreciated or alternatives to these wheels that may be cheaper but are...
  14. Astroxyn

    Sell G25 Modified + Pedals + Shifter

    SOLD All is tested and work correctly . Logitech G25 Base & Pedals has been unmounted cleaned and greased with lithium grease. The package include : - G25 ''Custom'' with 4 new buttons one the BASE + Quick Release RED (70mm) + Adapter 70/44mm + Spacer 50mm + G25 Power supply. - G27 Pedals with...
  15. SecondGear

    Seats And Harness Pack 1.1

    •Sparco Racing Seats, Blue Logo •Bride Racing Seats, Basic
  16. Astroxyn

    Sell Sparco P310 + Quick Release 70mm

    SOLD - Selling Sparco P310 almost new. I used it approximately 6 hours maximum. Suede is in really very good condition as new. I'm selling it for 145€ with shiping include (EU) + Tracking. Or 165€ with quickrelease and all screw necessary to mount it properly ! (In his original box)...
  17. Astroxyn

    Sell Sparco P285 - G25/G27/Pedals/DSD/GTEYE - CUSTOM complete pack

    Selling complete package, Works perfectly. Inside Base & Pedals has been completly unmounted and greased with FACOM lithium grease. - Base G25 ''Custom'' with 4 new buttons + Quick Release + New USB added inside the base. - Sparco P285 with G10 (3mm strong) plate with Carbon sticker + 7 New...