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  1. W

    JSP 22 Estrella de Galicia 1.0

    My first helmet created, with the sponsors of the estrella de galicia, repsol, pirelli, galicia calidade, movistar, cromoly, etc. Number 22. I attach the files to modify and the PSD file. You can modify any layer. Enjoy!
  2. Linx[ESP]

    Mejor traducción al español 1.0 / Release

    El archivo está preparado para hacer Drag & Drop, pero asegurate de hacer una copia de seguridad o usar Jsgme The file is Drag & Ready, but make sure of making a backup o use Jsgme Parte de estas traducciones afectará a la interfaz de Content Manager, ya que usa parte de los archivos de AC...
  3. socramazibi

    [Plugin] Spanish Subtitles Interantions,subtitles,partnames UPDATE 4.7

    Funciona en la ultima versión del juego a día 03/04/2019 y del MSCLoader 4.7 Otro mod que hice MSC TEXTURAS ESPAÑOL UPDATE 0.03 Updated files and new additions 99% It is not translated completely is still to be corrected. It is translated in full, but it is necessary to correct words or...
  4. alvarobm1990

    [Plugin] Texts in SPANISH (Subtitles, Status, Days) V1.0 V2.0

    It's only txt file to make this work need the plugin linked down and change subtitles.txt http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/plugin-texts-translation-subtitles-status-days.17637/ Directory: Documents/MySummerCar/Mods/Assets/MSCTranslate/Subtitles Ofcourse MSCLoader needed tested in version...
  5. Excalibur58

    ACFL 2017 Mercedes W08 Spanish GP livery v1.2

    **** ACFL 2017: Mercedes W08 Spanish GP livery v1.0 **** Author: Excalibur ___________________________________________________ Date: 05/12/2017 ___________________________________________________ Description: Spanish GP skins for the ACFL 2017 Mercedes W08 Hamilton and Bottas skins included...
  6. Menfis

    Voice translation, spanish spotter v3.0

    ATENCION! la publicidad se puede quitar! Solo tenéis que quitar 3 audios que se llaman "Season_start_x" Update v3.0 (Standalone) Last update if no ones find some errors Esta debería ser la ultima actualización si nadie encuentra errores. Ty for all the feedback and support to all! Gracias...
  7. Menfis

    Spanish translation for the spotter v1.1

    This is and OLD version, go to: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/voice-translation-spanish-spotter.12661/ And download the new one, is being updated. sorry for the double post.
  8. velofosse

    Spanish License Plates 2016-07-17

    If you want to make your own Spanish plates use the Italian 1999 font in the “make your Italian plate” download set at 230pt. Post 2000 plates were basically the European 12 stars with the Spanish 'E' on blue background with four numbers and three letters i.e.1234 ABC. The only letters not in...