1. PSOUNDMOD release - Mercedes C63 AMG (Assetto Corsa)

    PSOUNDMOD release - Mercedes C63 AMG (Assetto Corsa)

    Hi ! Thanks for coming to my video . This is my first "Premium" soundmod : The Mercedes W204 C63 AMG There is nothing less than 63 samples for this sound ! W...
  2. monkeyfan250

    Audi Quattro S1 engine sound[mod] VW polo rally 2017 1.0

    this is a sound to replace the original sound found in the VW polo WRC 2017 mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/polo-r-wrc-2017.28522/
  3. monkeyfan250

    Honda HSV Sound Mod [Lotus 125 F1 engine] 1.0

    just a sound that i find that fits best in my opinion the sound is the default sound for the Lotus exos 125 stage 1 to replace the mod's sound, i'm not a sound modder so i used kunos base sounds instead this is all for fun...