sound modding

  1. mboyd5

    2 step mod - Toyota Chesta with Ford V8 Turbo 1.1

    Now first things first, I have had nothing to do with making this 3d model as the rights to that belong to Mamiya Motors and Josh B. I just mucked around with various files in order to get this mod working the way I needed it to. Everything you need to know about the mod is written in the...
  2. mboyd5

    Sounds 2 step mod - Turbo'd Ford V8 powered Chesta!

    Reverse engineered a mates 2 step mod to work on other cars with my sound mod. Still a WIP but will be releasing soon just need to check with permissions with whoever made the 3d model.
  3. mboyd5

    Sounds Need help with RPM limiters and FMOD!

    So my problem is I'm making an f1 sound and I want the rev limiter to sound on decelleration as the car is slowing up to a corner like how it's represented in the video: However, when I implement it in FMOD I can't get it to trigger at the correct time. So far it is triggered in the RPM...