1. Kyngnom1s

    Valentino Rossi Soleluna Helmet for F1 2021 01

    Here is Valentino Rossi's helmet available for installation via ERP. It took me a lot of time, so feel free to post a screenshot! To help support my work you can make a small donation on this link, any amount will be greatly appreciated.

    RIDE 3 MODS - Rossi Soleluna 2018 AGV Helmet 1.1

    Hi Rossi fans!! This is AGV Pista GP R Soleluna 2018 use by Valentino Rossi in MotoGP 18. I had converted & remap this helmet's 3D model & textures based on original helmet model from MotoGP 18. Forgive me as this helmet is not as perfect like original model & textures in MotoGP 18 game but I do...