skip barber

  1. 0n3

    Ferrari 2020 | Skip Barber Formula 2000 Regional 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the normal version of SF1000. I will add Mission Winnow and 1000GP version asap...

    Skip Barber Championship 2020 V. 0.1

    Skip Barber Championship 2020, made up of 10 grand prizes, each event consists of training, qualifying and running. Take on 23 drivers with a somewhat difficult-to-drive car, and loved by many SimRacing racers.
  3. 0n3

    RedBull 2020 | Skip Barber Formula 2000 Regional 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you have any advice, let me know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal website ...
  4. tizio303

    Skip barber F1 2020 season skin pack 1.0

    I have made all the liveries of this 2020 F1 season for the skip barber, it took quite a lot of time to make them, I hope you like them! Please remember to rate my mod! If you think my work it's worth it you can help me with some donations!
  5. N

    Skip Barber Universidad de Cantabria skin 2020-06-06

    This is a skin I made for myself. I admit that it may be unprofessional, but here it is in case someone wants to install it.
  6. E

    Skip Barber Alpha Tauri AT01 v1.0

    Hello again, This time ive made a Alpha Tauri INSPIRED skin for the Skippy hope you enjoy :) Comment down if you like it or if there is an issue.
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | 2020 Season 1 Update is Here - Introduces Offline AI!

    iRacing has been updated recently, and as part of the new build players finally get their hands on something we've been exceptionally curious to see for quite a while now - offline single player AI! Before you all jump on to the gaming rigs to try the AI out with your favourite car / track...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | Brand New Skip Barber and Lime Rock Park Coming December

    iRacing have revealed a brand version of two legendary pieces of content are coming to the simulation this December. You would be right in thinking that both Lime Rock Park and the little Skippy are already available to purchase in iRacing, but the American developers have a little surprise -...
  9. W

    Relaxing in Skip Barber practice sessions

    Been enjoying running long practice sessions with the Skip Barber car on flowing tracks like Ibarra or Lime Rock. Put some music on and some AI as race buddies then flow around the track feeling the balance of the car and just getting lost in an absorbing but calm driving experience. A great...
  10. 00Hunter00

    Banana Boat - Skipbarber 1.0

    Banana Boat Just a fun little livery for a fun little car. Skip Barber Mod: Here