skin track mod

  1. MorganF120001

    MONZA 2006-2012 SKIN 2020-06-22

    Skin for Monza After Tobacco Ban
  2. Delta7Fox

    Matra-Park 1.0

    Matra-Park Forest Raceway (18-19-20 Edition.) Added map Added sections (curves name) Fixed grass (bug) Added balloons Added cameras Added new textures around the track Added preview and outline Added ai and pitlane fix by Alekabul
  3. Delta7Fox

    HockenheimRing (F1 & DTM 2019) 1.2

    HockenheimRing (F1 & DTM 2019 Ed.) - Added : balloons, billboards, new textures around the track, cameras and more ...
  4. Delta7Fox

    Valencia Street Circuit Ed. 1.1

    Valencia Street Circuit Ed. - Added curves names - Added cameras - Added DRS zones - Improved grip - Improved tarmac and grass - Added new sponsors - Added better description for preview (ui_track.ini) - Added sound reverb for the pit straight - Added better textures around the track