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  1. Kkolikk

    Show Bolt Size V2 V2.1

    This old mod has been deleted (I'm not the owner) Thanks you download this mod... Rate plz
  2. eg01st

    Tracks Pit guy missing and pitbox marker extremely small

    I'm making my mod track and I can't find out why the pit guy is missing. Settings are set to Maximum highest. Naming is correct for AC_PIT_o, AC_CREW_0 etc. All objects are dummies from 3DS MAX except _0 which I just replaced with Cube meshes in hopes it might fix the problem. The pit area where...
  3. ltcars

    Cars Tyre sizes into Assetto Corsa

    If I search tyre sizes at Google, I usually get a result like this: 245/45R12 98 However, AC asks for this: WIDTH=0.245 I know what to do for this but the rest... RADIUS=0.330 RIM_RADIUS=0.254
  4. Roman266

    [PLUGIN] Wheels Resizer 2.0.5

    With this plugin you can adjust size and width of Satsuma wheels. Keybinds: F8 - Open Wheel Resizer This plugin automatically load saved settings when you load your save. Warning! 1. If you destroy suspension - you need press "Reset to default" button before install wheel. 2. If you want...

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