sim racing mods

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa: Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" Mod Released

    A incredible car has finally made it into Assetto Corsa - the stunning "Birdcage" Maserati. Developed from scratch by RaceDepartment community member @Pessio, this beautiful vintage racing machine is available to download HERE from the Assetto Corsa Modding Forum. Developed for Assetto Corsa...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Mod Celebration - 10,000 Uploads!

    The sim racing modding community is awesome! Recently we reached the milestone of over 10,000 Assetto Corsa mod uploads here at RaceDepartment! Yes, you heard it right - 10,000! TEN THOUSAND uploads by our awesome Assetto Corsa modding community. 10000 pieces of content, from cars, tracks...

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