shifter sequential

  1. ShawnSeelan14

    Sequential Shifter WTB

    Hey guys wondering if any of y'all can help me out. I'm looking to buy a sim shifter I had a couple of years ago that I got from someone in Malaysia. It was a China replica of Aiologs and was wondering if anyone knew where to get it. PS : Sim items in Malaysia are expensive which is why I got...
  2. capitan_penurias

    Fanatec Static Paddles (DIY)

    Hello ! I build a complete static paddles for Fanatec wheelbases, including the electronics needed to connect the paddles to the SHIFTER2 port. The main advantage of this project is that you can design your own sequential shifter and plug it into the base directly, avoiding using a...
  3. Piero Favretti

    Sell Derek Speare Design Short-Throw Sequential Shifter

    SOLD For sale like new Derek Speare (DSD) short-throw angled sequential shifter. USD $75 + shipping - US only Requires A-Male to B-Male printer style USB cable Let me know if interested.
  4. Sim Rig Direct Sequential Shifter Review

    Sim Rig Direct Sequential Shifter Review

    This is my review for a sequential shifter from Sim Rig Direct. The shifter is made from a light-weight aluminum frame and has some curious design features that are tested in the video.
  5. DimSim Sequential Shifter Review

    DimSim Sequential Shifter Review

    This is my review for the DimSim Sequential Shifter for sim racing. DimSim has a reputation for producing affordable, reliable hardware and this sequential shifter is a good demonstration of their high standards.
  6. Dim Sim Sequential Shifter Unboxing

    Dim Sim Sequential Shifter Unboxing

    Unboxing and 1st look at the affordable Dim Sim Sequential Shifter.
  7. M

    Need your knowledge on T8HA Shifter

    Hi everyone ! :thumbsup: I recently bought a very cheap TH8A online, pluged it in my T150 as I usually play Assetto Corsa on it. The Shifter is not recognised on my PC as expected after reading multiple thread about " Only USB work on PC" The sad news is i'm missing the DIN to USB connector...
  8. Rudder

    My first Hi-End Sim Shifter Sequential [Heusinkveld Engineering] [Review+Unboxing]

    1) Compare to TH8A (Sequential Mode) With HE shifter I can feel when shift or do not shift. TH8A I can't feel that. 2) Force to shift TH8A is too weak. HE shifter Force will continue increase when gear does not engage. When the gear engage, the force will disappear immediately. 3) Very small...
  9. aio

    aiologs handbrake v3

    aiologs handbrake v3 — Analog/potmeter: works as much you drag — Standart USB joystick device (no special driver need) — Case made of 3mm stainless steel case — Metal handle