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  1. madmax_2a

    LeCinq_R5 Turbo Europcar n°32-C.Balesi-JP.Cirindini -Tour De Corse 1986 V2.1

    Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 4\le cinq
  2. madmax_2a

    Le502_Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 "Belga Team" - Ypres Rally 1985 - B.Darniche- A Mahé V1

    Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group b\le 502
  3. madmax_2a

    TheCozzieSR2_Ford Escort RS 200 -N°6 Rally RAC Lombard 1986 - B.Melander -K.Grundel V1

    I chose not to put the "PIRELLI" sticker on the top of the front fenders because it was really too distorted. So I put it with the "SHELL" sticker. Which is much better readable. Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group b\the cozzie sr2
  4. madmax_2a

    TheEskyV1_Ford Escort MK1 RS - N°13 Winner Rally Rac Lombard 1973 - T.Makinen - H.Liddon V1

    Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 2\the esky v1
  5. Darkfield

    Das 559 - Shell v2

    Das 559/Porsche 959 - Shell
  6. Dave Hope

    DJR Shell Sierra 2021-08-29

    Dick Johnson's Sierra from the 1989 ATCC era.
  7. B

    liftback Celica ST185 Marlboro Shell TRD 1.0

    Some cool ST185 Celica that I based off some TRD designs. Sponsors include Martini, Marlboro, OZ, Shell, and a few others. It also has my name on it but if you want to mark it off feel free. HMU if you have a request.
  8. madmax_2a

    LeCinq_R5 Turbo "Europcar" n°32-C.Balesi-JP.Cirindini -Tour De Corse 1986 V2

    Enjoy this beauty, drive safe, use your turn signals, and always put your seatbelt. :thumbsup:
  9. Evan_DeCiren


    EDC STOCK SERIES (Evan DeCiren) This mod was created with the purpose of entertaining. The creation of the teams and liveries is inspired by the world of motorsport, NASCAR, INDYCAR, V8 SUPERCAR etc ... Characteristics: - Toyota Avensis; - 30 pilots; - 14 Team; Authors: 3d main: Ngtc...
  10. madmax_2a

    IlCavallo803_Ferrari 308 -"Tag Heuer"-Group 3 V1

  11. madmax_2a

    TheEskyV2_ Ford Escort Mk2 Cossack Ford Motor Co Ltd Team - RAC Rally R.Clark-S.Pegg V1

  12. madmax_2a

    TheEskyV2_Ford Escort MK II "British Airways" 1st RAC 1977 Waldegaard-Thorszelius V2

  13. madmax_2a

    LaMontaine_Alpine A110 n° 39 "Defense Nationale"-Montecarlo 1973 - Ballot-Lena - Morenas V1

  14. madmax_2a

    Le502_Peugeot 205 T16 EVO2- N°5 Winner Rally Tour de Corse 1986 - B.Saby - JF.Fauchille V1

    Hi all ! Let me introduce you, one of the Group B's queen, :rolleyes: the one who has won many trophies and has known the most famous rally drivers around the world : "The PEUGEOT 205 Turbo 16 EVO 2" . So, take a ride, drive safe, always put on your seat belt, and use your turn...
  15. madmax_2a

    LeGorde_LIGIER GITANES 2021-05-04

    Enjoy it ! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :roflmao: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  16. baggageman

    Praga-Ferrari F1 Team 2021-05-04

    PRAGA-FERRARI F1 Team This a fantasy skin for the My Team/ Single player car. I am new to modding, so this is only the livery at the moment. But if there is enough interest I might have a go at making a full team package. Method of Installation: Copy and Paste ERP Archiver
  17. H

    RSS Hyperion | Shell #14 1.1

    Credit to @Noobiix007 for the Goodyear tires. Buy the car here: https://racesimstudio.com/shop
  18. Whalenap

    Valune Racing Ferrari F488 GT3 1.0

    Hi there, here I am with a new skin. This time for Ferrari F488 GT3, but not the latest evo model. As you will see if you try to customize it, my original version is based on the full-carbon body but you can swap the livery scheme in order to use your own color for the raw carbon parts and...
  19. Atrupelador

    Camtool for ROUTE TWISK (uphill) 0.99

    Instructions to use the Camtool How to use this file: If you don't have it, install Camtool app: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-2.15062/ Extract the my rar file here: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Then load the file in the Camtool app:
  20. Noobiix007

    Joey Logano #22 - Shell Pennzoil Team Penske | RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR 1.0

    Following the great @DannyDotCom , here's my first skin for the RSS Hyperion/Ford Mustang GT NASCAR: Joey Logano's Shell Pennzoil skin from 2020. simply drag and drop the content inside the .zip file into : steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/cars/rss_hyperion_2020/skins