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sfx-100 shield

  1. R

    Sell SFX-100 shield and Arduino Leonardo

    PHOTOS ADDED I was fortunate to purchase one of the second U.S. group buy batches of custom shields released by RD member Pyronius for the popular DIY SFX-100 motion system. Unfortunately, I do not see myself pursuing this project in the near future as I am going the tactile route for immersion...
  2. V

    Wanted SFX-100 Shield (EU)

    Edit. 11.8.2019 no need SFX-100 any more, thank you. Hi, I have just starting to order parts for my SFX-100 project. I've added my name to SFX-100 Shield - Group buy round 2 signup - EU but there is only 35 orders by now, so there are LONG waiting ahead plus production time 5-7 weeks. I know...