1. Ty_playz

    SF71H Sound Mod 1.0

    EHEHEY I DID IT! I DID THE WASTEGATE SOUND LETS GO!! Sound mod for the acr sf71h and the rss 2018 car! PV:
  2. Timonike

    Ferrari SF71H - 2021 Fiorano Test Skin Pack 0.2

    This skin pack aims to re-create the liveries used by the Ferrari drivers that participated in the pre-season Fiorano test in the SF71H! This pack is designed to be used with the Ferrari SF71H by ACR. Check out their Facebook page to get your hands on the mod! (Also linked in the below video's...
  3. WooTz Up


    just drag and drop to your assetto corsa folder ;) car: Ferrari SF71-H by ACR v 1.0 visit following page to get more information on the Mods https://www.facebook.com/groups/403042269883364/?ref=share by the way @acr - great mods guys! - looking forward for the SF90 - thanx for that...
  4. C

    Charles Leclerc 2019 Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Helmet 1.0

    Charles Leclerc 2019 Ferrari Helmet shown on Abu Dhabi tests. This is the first version. Enjoy it! ;)
  5. HK2014

    Custom engine sounds not working

    Hi, I have recorded some onboard audio from the SF71H (Ferrari F1 2018) and wanted to try it with the formula ultimate cars to see how it looks, the problem is, every sounds that i have created dont work at all. I made only the inside sounds, so while in the game i have now only the outside...
  6. chrisi2174

    RSS-Formula-Hybrid-2018_Scuderia-Ferrari_MissionWinnow_Skin 1.04

    PayPal.Me The skin is adapted as much as possible So not 100% correct... in v1.04 engine cover MW Logo bigger NEW OLD
  7. Daniel Paez

    FERRARI SF71H- Original Shape 4k 5.4

    FERRARI SF71H Original Shape 4K I like this chasis for the T and copkit view, near of the 2018 view. Based on Espectacular Mod by Talisman. Reworked some details. - Real Shine - Steering Whell 2018 (adapted)
  8. dnkypunch

    ACFL BETA 2018 - Ferrari SF71H 1.0

    Here it is, the brand new Ferrari SF71H! This is a skin for the ACFL 2018 mod for Assetto Corsa. If you find any problem please report it to me so I can fix it. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Gabbopro

    SF71-H livery 1.0

    My first mod! I know that's not perfect but not that bad
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Revealed: Ferrari SF71H

    Scuderia Ferrari have revealed the brand new Ferrari SF71H today, joining big rivals Mercedes in the revealing of their new 2018 Grand Prix challenger... Featuring a slight redesign of the colour scheme used in recent seasons as the Prancing Horse return to the traditional all red livery of...
  11. matteo46GP

    Ferrari SF71H for Seat Leon EuroCup 1.1

    old version: [/ATTACH] new version: This is a livery of the new Ferrari SF71H for the Seat Leon EuroCup. I created two versions, one of Sebastian Vettel's car and one of Kimi Raikkonen's car. EDIT: I have modified the roof and the spoiler like the new Ferrari SF71H livery