1. ACC | Donington | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 1:26.430

    ACC | Donington | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 1:26.430

    Get access to this Setup https://************/product/donington-ferrari-488-gt3-evo-setup/
  2. Live for Speed: How to setup VR and test drive!

    Live for Speed: How to setup VR and test drive!

    #simracing #gaming #simulation You can find out more about Live for Speed here: do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter @_The_Ex...
  3. G-Slev

    Raceroom setup folders 1.0

    I couldn't find an empty folder structure for all setups in Raceroom to drop setups into that I had found online. The only way to create these folders is to save files in raceroom, which is what I have done. Please note that this upload does not contain any setups. It is to give you a folder...
  4. ntst22

    Formula Hybrid 2022-S | Spa Hot-lap and Setup (WR)

    Setup is shown, and a link to the file in the description as well. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!
  5. BoostedDuck

    Formula RSS V8 2013 World Record Hotlap@Interlagos 1:08:989

  6. Defragler

    ACC Manager

    Useful Links: Discord: Official GitHub repository: Buy me a drink: Requires .NET Framework 4.8 to run What is ACC...
  7. ntst22

    Formula RSS 2013 V8 World Record Hotlap @Spa-Francorchamps

  8. B

    RSS Formula 2013 V8 at Spa | My setup

    Hi everyone, I've been using RaceDeparment for a while as an enthousiast of Sim Racing but I hadn't shared anyting yet with the community yet. Now, the RSS Formula 2013 has been released and this gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and publish something useful for you, hopefully. As a...
  9. Matchito

    Mazda RT24 DPi Rollovers @ Daytona Road Course

    I need a setup to the Mazda RT24 DPi from Rollovers American Pack for Daytona Road Course, It's Going to be an 2,4h endurance. Thanks!
  10. A

    Assetto Corsa not auto selecting track in Setup I/O

    I got this F1 2018 track pack, but there's something wrong with it and I can't figure out why it's happening. When go in game, in the Setup I/O tab , it doesn't auto select the appropriate track if it's one of the pack. Itauto selects the "generic" one insted, and it only happens with the...
  11. MotherDawg

    Setup Comparer for rFactor 2 0.8.2

    Setup Comparer is an .HTA file. That's a Microsoft HTML file standard. It opens in an Explorer windows under Microsoft HTML Application host. Since it does not write anything anywhere, it does not need any permissions, it's a harmless application. There is no executable file, it can only read...
  12. ArcherD2

    Huracan GT3 EVO Zolder Setup

    Spent some time this morning working on a setup that is Stable and fast for the Lambo. Setup good for 1:29's Let me know what you think and if I should make and share some more. Enjoy
  13. angelonl

    Just started more indepth racing.

    Hi everyone, My name is Angelo from The Netherlands. I'm 31 years old and owner of my own company in the entertainment bussiness. In the past I started with arcade race games like GRID, Dirt, Forza Horizon etc. with an controller. Tried a few times with an race wheel (Logitech G27) and played...
  14. Sk3ptik0n

    Question about Automobilista 2 screen widgets (and a few more things)

    I'll admit that I don't race Automobilista 2 very often, certainly not as much as I did A1. One of the reason was that until recently I had a heck of a time getting a decent FOV going with my new Widescreen, but I seem to have resolved that now. Aside from the FOV, there are a few things that...
  15. DaBomb330

    MC12 GT1 @ Imola 1:40.8

  16. M

    Bug with loading/saving setups

    Hi guys, i am starting to get desperate - i have a weird problem with setups in Assetto Corsa which i ve never seen before. It started doing few weeks ago and i cannot get rid of it. What is happening to me is that loading and saving car setups is somehow bugged and very often doesnt work. For...
  17. U

    Road Atlanta 2021 hotlap mclaren 650s gt3

  18. DRL Vici

    Ferrari Driver Expert - Open Discussion

    Hello everyone, I have been playing ACC since its launch with Ferrari. I've always been in love with the car since the previous game (AC). I'm opening this topic to share some of my knowledge with you all. Feel free to ask questions about setup, handling or even the game. Initially, I'll share...
  19. Assetto Corsa Setup Guide 2021: Content Manager, SOL, Reshade

    Assetto Corsa Setup Guide 2021: Content Manager, SOL, Reshade

    #AssettoCorsa #TheExtraMile Content Manager: https://**********/app/Custom Shaders Pack: https://**********/patch/Content Manager Patreon Page: https://www.p...
  20. Ariday

    ACC STC - Setup Comp Tool 0.1.2

    Inspired by the threatening shutdown of the simsource setup comparison tool (which is luckily not forced to go offline) I've created a little tool to simply compare two ACC Setups. Currently following cars are supported: Audi R8 LMS Evo AMR V12 Vantage GT3 Bentley Continental GT3 2018 Ferrari...