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server won't start

  1. fernando03


    So, I just bought the game today so I could cruise around in a big map in some road cars with my brother, but when I try to join the server, it says " Can't connect to remote server". I forwards the TCP and UDP port, and I also opened them in the firewall. I think it is the HTTP port that is...
  2. J

    Public Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server Setup Issue

    Hi all, new here! I convinced a couple buddies to get the game and wanted to setup an online server we can play on. I have setup a few servers for other games so I have been through the check list a couple times. For some reason, it just refuses to work and after doing a fair amount of...
  3. S

    Content manager

    Hello everyone , in advance, sorry, I'm french and I speak bad English ^^ I hope you can save me from my problem ^^ I opened a LAN server via my pc for my friends and me, server drift / mods. it works pretty well but I have a problem: many cars are not usable. I can not reach the server and a...
  4. slothboy101

    Online Help!! No server information

    Hi guys I'm trying to make an online server for AC I've managed to create a server but get an error saying Can’t load any information: server did not respond in given time. i can't find any information on the interweb about this. Has anyone come across this and solved it? Thanks Andy
  5. J

    Unable to launch Server Manager

    When I click on the acServerManager.exe icon, the blue loading wheel pops up for half a second and then goes away. I tried reinstalling the server manager and deleting all the presets to no avail. I do have content manager, SOL and after either fixing some car mods (Analyze Previews) or the...
  6. LionsTheBoss

    "Connection to lobby failed" Assetto Corsa Server Please Help!

    I tried to port forward on my Hitron router. After, after hitting "Start Server" and waiting, it says "RESPONSE: ERROR,INVALID SERVER,CHECK YOUR PORT FORWARDING SETTINGS CONNECTION TO LOBBY FAILED, ATTEMPT NUMBER 1". I did everything in the video. Please help! Video I used. Also, sorry if...
  7. C

    Problems getting on track after joining server

    Solution found: Turn spectate off in options I did a quick search and was not able to find a solution so I ask here instead. I can get into a server and see others practicing but when I push the drive button in the bottom right, it won't let me join. No matter what server I join the same...