1. GTRevival: Bell Confirms Sebring and Lime Rock Park

    GTRevival: Bell Confirms Sebring and Lime Rock Park

    Over the weekend, Straight4 Studios CEO Ian Bell took to X to announce both Sebring and Lime Rock Park for GTRevival in a rather playful way. Image credit: BMW Motorsport Press Ever since the beginning of the year, the newly created Straight4 Studios team has been firmly in the spotlight...
  2. JawnKwan

    18 Sixties Sebring Skins 1

    Eighteen skins for the following models: Chaparral 2D - by RTM Mods Chevrolet Corvette - by smallblockhero Ferrari 250 LM - by GADU Boyz & F40 LM Lover Ford GT40 - by Kunos Ford Gt40 Mk2 - by ACTK Ford GT40 Mk4 - by ACTK Lola T70 Mk3b - by Legion Porsche 904 - by AssettoPedia Team Porsche 904/6...
  3. Dkn001

    CAMTOOL Replay for RT Sebring International Raceway 1.0

    More info in video description.
  4. nanyta

    3D Trees Sebring + Update terrain and Grass. 1.0

    Árboles 3D para el circuito de Sebring. Válido para sebring y rt_sebring. Los árboles están creados para el layout Trackday que carga sin los vehículos estacionados. Se puede utilizar con el testo de layouts incluidas las extensiones pyyer. Lo único que algún camper o van pueden quedar...
  5. PocketZocker_HD2

    AF Cores IMSA (#21 Daytona, #21 Sebring, #61 Watkins Glen) 1.0

    I decided to do create the AF Corse Cars from this years IMSA Sportscar Championship (for cf_ferrari_296_gt3) 12h Sebring 24h Daytona 6h Watkins Glen
  6. RSN Valor

    2023 IMSA #62 Risi Competizione 1.1

    THE PRANCING HORSE This skin is mostly accurate to that of its real life counterpart. Main references were taken from the spotter guide as well as photos from Risi's Instagram page. There are a few discrepancies between this and the real car that i had issues working around, as this is only my...
  7. Rav3rc00n

    2023 WEC Sebring #48 Hertz Team JOTA LMP2 1.1

    Here i present you my Attempt of a Recration of the #48 Hertz Team Jota LMP2 Livery that Raced in the WEC Sebring Round Made for urd_loire07_21 in 4K Resolution This is my first Time recrating a real Livery for Assetto Corsa so it might not be 100% accurate, (like the Gold Color Tone) but i...
  8. RSS GT-N on Sebring || 100% Photorealism || C13 AEGIS

    RSS GT-N on Sebring || 100% Photorealism || C13 AEGIS

    Upcoming PPFilter. The culmination of everything i've learned. As close to photorealistic as you can reasonably get while maintaining a playable game.
  9. AntonSimGT24

    1000 Miles of Sebring 2023 WEC Grid Preset 1.0

    It's me again, the grid preset guy. Today i have decided to make and release the 1000 Miles of Sebring 2023 Grid Preset for Assetto Corsa. This will be part of the 2023 WEC Season grid preset series. As always i will list the cars included and the author of them ---- Hypercar ---- - Cadillac...
  10. WEC 2023 - Ferrari 499P LMH Onboard - 1000 Miles of Sebring

    WEC 2023 - Ferrari 499P LMH Onboard - 1000 Miles of Sebring

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  11. WEC Sebring | Peugeot 9X8 LMH #93 Onboard | Assetto Corsa

    WEC Sebring | Peugeot 9X8 LMH #93 Onboard | Assetto Corsa

    The 2023 1000 Miles of Sebring will be a debut of Peugeot 9X8 at this event. Here's how it's gonna look like.Car:
  12. parrilla

    Sebring 1966 Faster AI 1.0

    Faster AI for the Tyrone (AKA Nukedrop) Sebring 1966. FULL TRACK HERE. Optimized for the Ford GT40 and Ferrari 330 P4, but tested with a variety of vintage cars. A backup of the original files is adviced. Fast line + boundaries + hints. Known issues: During the first lap the AI might bump...
  13. AntonSimGT24

    FIA WEC 2022 Season Full Gridpack 1.1

    This is my final release of the WEC 2022 Grid Preset series. This pack includes EVERY, yes EVERY Team and Livery that is available to Assetto Corsa at the moment and every starting grid op the 2022 calendar. It took a lot of time and effort of my days to make, search and make the starting grid...
  14. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Dragonspeed LMP2 #81 IMSA I 4k V.1

    This Skin pack Includes 2 versions - 2022 12h Sebring - 2022 Laguna Seca This is one of many IMSA LMP2 skins that i have created for this car. Many will follow! On Track Big Thanks to @sadthiccboi21 (Fundee) for the amazing IMSA Panel work! Hope you guys like the skins and have fun...
  15. Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #2 Onboard - SEBRING

    Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #2 Onboard - SEBRING

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  16. Can i convert a pole into a win on iRacing

    Can i convert a pole into a win on iRacing

    I jump into iRacing and the fixed Ferrari GT3 series for a quick 15 minute online race around the awesome Sebring circuit.I started on pole and was very nerv...
  17. MEDIIZA Designs

    SEBRING 2022 Skin + New AI Racing line V1.3

    Something i always wanted to try is Track skinning... The Reboot Version is great but some ads are off to this year so i tried my best to change everything and create good looking signs. Not everything is accurate, cause some things are not that easy to replace. Anyways... i hope you guys enjoy...
  18. Gonzalo Bariffuzza

    Agustin Canapino Indy Car Test 0.1

    Sebring Test, Agustin Canapino Indy Car SKIN FOR MOD: vrc_formula_na_2021_road
  19. This is why I love iRacing !

    This is why I love iRacing !

    The GT4 cars on iRacing at Sebring produce some of the most exciting online sim racing action I have ever had and this race had it all and has got to be one ...
  20. Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods

    Sebring 1966 2.1

    Sebring 1966 The track will only work with CSP, CONTENT MANAGER and the ADDITIONAL SHADERS. While this mod is FREE. This file is quite large and popular, meaning hosting costs have added up to be quite a bit for Race Department. If you want to contribute, the best way is to buy a Race...