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sebastian vettel

  1. 0n3

    SF1000 skin for Ferrari F310B 1.0

    Donate : https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SGDESIGNEU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pack includes: - n.5 S.Vettel Skin - n,16 C.Leclerc Skin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Vettel Was Never Offered New Ferrari Contract

    In a surprise comment, 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has confirmed he never held contract extension talks with the Scuderia, only finding out he is being dropped via a call from Mattia Binotto. Vettel never started new contract negotiations The German informed by his team he will not...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Breaking | Ricciardo Signs For McLaren

    Ever smiling Australian Daniel Ricciardo will drive for McLaren in 2021 as the 30-year-old has been confirmed as replacement for the potentially Ferrari bound Carlos Sainz. With the Sebastian Vettel news triggering a wave of activity in the driver market following his announcement that contract...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Who Next For Ferrari?

    With Sebastian Vettel confirmed as out at seasons end, who can the Scuderia bring in to replace one of the most successful drivers on the current grid? Like him or loath him, Sebastian Vettel has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in Formula One since making his full World Championship...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Vettel To Leave Ferrari At Season End

    In a surprising move, Ferrari have confirmed four time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel will depart the team at the end of the year - opening up what is sure to be one of the most hotly contested seats in recent seasons. Having enjoyed incredible success with Red Bull in his early...
  6. Lady Oscar

    Ferrari 312 T Sebastian Vettel + modern sponsors 1.0

    It's the 1976 and a new driver has signed for Ferrari: he's Sebastian Vettel and he also brings new sponsors, especially the powerful MISSION WINNOW. Thanks to @TTM75 who sent me the wings template :)
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Ferrari Boss Binotto Has "Concerns" Over 2020 SF1000

    Following the conclusion of the first three Formula One pre-season test days at Barcelona, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has admitted the team are less than pleased about their start to the new Formula One campaign. Having spent much of the running in Barcelona rooted towards the lower end of the...
  8. Dimitar Vitanov

    Sebastian Vettel 2020 helmet N.1 1.0

    You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Sebastian Vettel 2020 helmet reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download
  9. 1234G

    Sebastian Vettel skin for Formula Agile 1.0

    Hi everybody! I'm back again with a skin. It's for the Formula Agile, because I like the car very much. I created it with Vettel's helmet design. I hope you will like it.
  10. wesbe

    Sebastian Vettel 2014 Monaco helmet for career mode 2019-10-30

    This mod includes the 2014 Monaco GP helmet of Sebastian Vettel. I hope you like the helmet and as always i wish all of you a lot of fun using it :D
  11. Davide Nativo

    Is Vettel Done For?

    He seems to have lost competitiveness, but will he see brighter days in the near future? The situation for the German driver does not look particularly good as we approach the end of the season. It is undeniable that he is still one of the fastest around in the Circus, and in the last ten...
  12. Aitze

    Sebastian Vettel Italy 2019 Helmet 1.0

    Sebastian Vettel's helmet for 2019 Italian GP You can use this for your own mods/videos as long as I get credited. If you have any problems, post them to support tab or message me at twitter, not to reviews, thank you.
  13. Aitze

    Sebastian Vettel Germany 2019 Helmet 1.0

    Sebastian Vettel Germany 2019 Helmet You can use this for your own mods/videos as long as I get credited. If you have any problems, post them to support tab or message me at twitter, not to reviews, thank you.
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Debate: Should Vettel Leave Ferrari?

    Would a move away from Ferrari help Sebastian Vettel rediscover his flagging on track form? As a four time World Champion and one of the most successful drivers in the modern era, the last couple of years have been tough ones for Sebastian Vettel - with an increasing tendency to make mistakes...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Ferrari Penalty Review Dismissed by FIA

    Ferrari have lost the right to have their Canadian Grand Prix penalty reviewed by the FIA. With the controversial 5-second penalty awarded to Sebastian Vettel for his grasscutting and subsequent track re-joining moment last time out in Montreal still the topic of discussion this weekend at Paul...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 Canadian Grand Prix: Vettel Penalty... Deserved or Unfair?

    With opinion split amongst the F1 fan community, do you think the penalty dished out to Sebastian Vettel at the Canadian Grand Prix was a fair one? Vettel would lose an almost certain victory in Canada today when the stewards deemed the Ferrari driver to have performed an unsafe circuit re-join...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Vettel Cracks Under Pressure Again

    Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton had a royal battle on track in Bahrain, unfortunately ending in yet another mistake from the Ferrari man. Vettel has been showing signs of suspect behaviour under pressure in the last few months, the end of his 2018 championship challenge being the most...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Should Ferrari Start Supporting Leclerc Over Vettel?

    Charles Leclerc looked the stronger of the two Ferrari drivers in Bahrain, prompting many to wonder if Ferrari should support their new driver in a bid for 2019 championship success. Having started 2019 claiming that 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel would be the focus of the team...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Vettel Believes Friday Domination "Misleading"

    Despite locking out the front positions during the opening day of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari believe their pace to be "misleading" heading into qualifying tomorrow. Melbourne was nothing short of a disaster for a Ferrari team riding high following an impressive two weeks of pre-season...
  20. H

    Ferrari SF90 livery for 488 GT3 1.0

    Continuing with the questionable practice of adapting F1 liveries for GT3 cars. :D Includes #5 with Blancpain number plates and #16 with F1 style numbers. 4K and 2K, choose your preferred resolution. Thanks to @chrisi2174 for MW and SF90 logos. Number plates from @Ryan_Lee pack I've also...