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  1. E

    How to remap G920 wheel

    Bottom line up front: I am working with a game that has some controls that you cannot redefine. Therefore, I need to find a method to change the G920's input to the program. Details: I am determined to get the game Shift 2 to work with my G920's H-shifter. The lack of support for modern wheels...
  2. Andrea Tagliavini

    Apps Scripted pilot for AC

    Hello, first of all i should point out that i'm completely new to AC, so i'm sorry for any dumb question :). So basically i'm doing a research about autonomous cars and more specifically, about simulators. I looked through the python AC documentation and i found the function to get the state of...
  3. C

    Control of the vehicle's torques

    Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to control the car's internal variables (such as torques on each wheel) via some (Onyx?) script? If it is not possible, how difficult would it be to implement it and where should I start? Thank you.