1. Richard Lofthouse

    Tracks V8 Supercars Pit screen walls

    Hi, This morning I'm trying to look at the pit screen walls, is it possible to make these editable like we do with the pit boards? I have extracted the Kn5 File for Adelaide track Converted the FBX Opened with Blender Found the pit screens in pit lane That's as far as i got ))) Attached a few...
  2. nanyta

    Graphics for circuit loading images 2023-02-28

    F1 2023 circuits can be found to create your own loading images. Alternative circuits can be found in case you want to create a championship for 2023 with alternative circuits to the official ones of this season. Most are circuits in which F1 has ever participated. Some examples are shown.
  3. Großer Screenshot Contest in Assetto Corsa | Hast du es drauf?

    Großer Screenshot Contest in Assetto Corsa | Hast du es drauf?

    Der perfekte Screenshot in Assetto Corsa: Kein leichtes Unterfangen! Hast du das Zeug, um der aller erste Screenshot Champion auf dem Kanal zu werden? Mitmachen ist ganz leicht! Schieße einfach 1-3 Screenshots in Assetto Corsa und poste deine Meisterwerke in unserem Discord Server.
  4. Wie man gute Screenshots in Assetto Corsa macht

    Wie man gute Screenshots in Assetto Corsa macht

    Ihr wollt Screenshots in Assetto Corsa machen ohne Kompromisse? Wisst aber einfach nicht auf was ihr achten müsst? Dann ist dieser Anfängerguide genau das richtige für dich!
  5. Bram Hengeveld

    GRID 2 GRID 2

    CVG had the following to report about GRID 2. Seems that after many years a sequel is in the making. Source: CVG
  6. Yapci

    (How to?) Make a cheap triple screen setup

    hi! Does anyone knows how to make a cheap triple screen setup? Or how much would it cost the cheapest one... I got an LG 27’’ monitor but would love to have more screen even if I got to low graphics at minimal (gtx 660). Maybe (probably) it’s impossible but...maybe not:(:thumbsdown::rolleyes: