1. Raffe

    BMW M4 GT3 2022 Liveries Pack 1.65

    A pack containing some of the 2022 liveries of the BMW M4. It includes: ROWE Racing Junior (#50), Walkenhorst Catl DTM (#10), Walkenhorst Schaeffler DTM (#11) Schubert RoboMarkets DTM (#25) Schubert Helix DTM (#31) More versions to be included soon Hope you'll enjoy it! The liveries are self...
  2. Itzdatmancam

    2021 NLS Schubert Motorsport #20 0.1

    For 2021, Schubert Motorsport returns to the nurburgring nordschleife in a customer M6 GT3. Driving the car will be Jens Kingmann, Jesse Krohn, Alexander Sims and Stef Dusseldorp. Not many pictures available as it only entered one round which was NLS 3 so updates will be made in the future.
  3. ZL1

    RSS GTM Bayro 6 | Schubert Motorsport #20 | 2021 Nurburgring 24 Hours V2.0

    Presenting the #20 Schubert Motorsport at the 2021 Nurburgring 24 Hours The livery is originally desgined for RSS's GTM Bayro 6. By default it is in 4K uncompressed version to maintain best quality. You can resize / compress the skin to your liking for improved performance :) The...
  4. matias918

    BMW M4 GT4 schubert-motorsport personalized 2021-05-15

    its based on schubert-motorsport real car